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These days it’s like a norm to build websites to make money online and I often see people believe that the only way to make money with affiliate marketing is to build websites and generate traffic.

I don’t blame them because, on the internet, we frequently see tons of bloggers claiming to make money with affiliate marketing just by growing their blogs.

Although those bloggers are legit, it just doesn’t mean that everyone needs to have a website to make money with affiliate marketing.

However you can start a complete affiliate marketing business with no website, but if you want to make a life-size living with it, then running a website is crucial. Although this doesn’t mean that there is no other way around.

To cut-off your thoughts on having a website mandatory for online success. In this article, I will shed some light on how to make money with affiliate marketing without a website.

First of all, let’s talk about the reasons why you don’t want a website?

Nowadays, everyone on the internet has a blog just like me, and daily we see someone talking about how he/she started a blog and grew it within a couple of years.

Even though we mostly see the shiny side of blogging like money and freedom but what we don’t see are the struggles and investment side of blogging.

I will agree with the fact that today, starting a website is way more accessible and straightforward than 10 years ago. But to start a website/blog, there are two kinds of financial investments which you need to aware of, which are:-

  1. Minimal investment: Set-up costs (Finding a domain, hosting, website theme – approx $250)
  2. Maximum investment: Creating content and growing the website ( Content creation, Backlink generation, Building social media presence – No limit to this; it could be $1000 or even $10,000)

At this point, everyone can afford the ‘minimal investment’ to start a blog, but it’s only the people who can afford the ‘maximum investment’ that have a real shot at blogging.

Also, besides these financial investments, there are struggles which you need to be aware of too.

Like staying patient for months to rank on Google, consistently continuing the work even while you don’t see any results, and regularly monitoring the process & progress of the blog.

Thus due to such reasons, you might wanna hold back from blogging and in such cases, you can actually learn to promote affiliate products without a website in multiple ways.

But before we dive into those ways, I think you should know what it takes and needs to start affiliate marketing in such a case.

3 Things Which You Need Before Starting Affiliate Marketing Without a Website

In general, to start making money with affiliate marketing, you need three things which will be:-

  1. Affiliate programs to sign up
  2. A platform/website to capture your leads
  3. A traffic source to generate clicks

Since we have decided to remove websites from our equation, hence it is time to replace a website with another alternative. However, firstly let us take it step-by-step.

Join affiliate programs without a website

Right now, there are dozens of affiliate marketing marketplaces that can help you sign for affiliate programs.

But platforms like Commission Junction (CJ) won’t allow us to do affiliate marketing without a website. 

Similarly, there will be other affiliate networks similar to CJ that want their affiliates to have a website which means that you have to stick with affiliate networks that don’t ask for a website.

Therefore it’s wise to look at beginner-friendly platforms which don’t have a lengthy approval process and also won’t ask for any website owner.

On top of my head, all I could think of is ClickBank as a potential affiliate network for almost everyone.

I recommend it because ClickBank as a platform has been around for decades, with over 10,000+ affiliate products in dozens of niches, this platform is best for every beginner and more importantly, you don’t need a website to promote their products.

By any means, you’re free to roam around online to find other affiliate marketplaces (Or) affiliate programs that cater most to your needs.

Build a landing page to capture your leads and redirect your users to affiliate offers

Landing pages are different from our usual website and blogs. Let me explain, usually our goals with any blog would be to create regular content and rank on Google, but whereas with landing pages, all you ever need is a static webpage with minimal content on it and should be good enough to convert traffic into clicks and leads.

A landing page is our replacement for websites as it acts like a website that doesn’t need constant investments and time like a blog.

Therefore having a landing page is one of the best ways to promote affiliate products without a website.

Besides, like any blog, you don’t need a domain name (or) hosting service to build a landing page. Instead, there are multiple software in the market which allows you to create your own landing pages with just a few clicks on the go.

Moreover, the all-in-all purpose of a landing page is to collect leads and redirect your visitors onto the affiliate product. Therefore it becomes essential to design a user-friendly landing page that is relatable to your product and should offer some value to make it high converting.

Note: Usually in landing pages, you add value by giving away free ebooks (or) videos courses, and to access those products, people would sign up by giving their email addresses thus making them convert as your leads.

To design a top-notch landing page you don’t need any coding skills and actually, you can choose software like ClickFunnels to create landing pages from scratch. Inside this software, it has tons of pre-made templates which you can use to design and customize your landing pages thoroughly.

ClickFunnels Landing Page Builder For Affiliate Marketing

Also, ClickFunnels is an all-in-one solution for sales funnels, so further down the line, if you want to add a domain name (or) build more landing pages (or) integrate multiple other tools (or) even create your own funnel from scratch, then you can rest assured that it’s gonna be easy with ClickFunnels.

Use an email autoresponder to capture and nurture your leads

Well, if you’re asking, why do I even need an email autoresponder?

Then, my friend, you should know that email marketing is a billion-dollar industry despite emails are being there since the birth of the internet, today there are actually billions of email users worldwide.

Image Source: Fortune Business Insights

So it’s evident that emails are gonna be there forever, and if you ask marketers around the world, they would also suggest email marketing as a potential marketing channel too.

Since I personally do use email marketing for my business, I can clearly say that learning the skill of email marketing alone is a good enough way to learn how to make money with affiliate marketing without having a website.

Thus far I have talked enough about emails and email marketing. So let’s talk about email autoresponders, then.

In affiliate marketing, an email autoresponder is a tool that helps affiliate marketers collect the email IDs of their prospects and send them continuous emails using a sequence.

Usually, email autoresponders are connected with a landing page, via a signup form where people would fill out their email addresses.

As the email IDs are entered in those signup forms, they go straight into the email autoresponder’s list, and as the email sequence is set up, those mail IDs will be nurtured with frequent marketing emails.

To make money with email marketing directly, your emails will contain affiliate links so that when people click on those links, they have a chance to purchase your product as it helps you make affiliate commissions.

Therefore email autoresponders should be an essential element in your affiliate marketing system and once you consistently send traffic to your landing pages and start collecting emails to later send then email sequences.

In that way, you would be making more income through your email sequence than your landing page sales.

To connect your email autoresponder to your landing pages, ClickFunnels makes it easy to set up (Or) connect almost any email autoresponder to your landing page and send automated emails through it.

By the way, among the hundreds of email autoresponders, GetRepsone, Mailerlite, and Convertkit have stood out as the best for me. Since all these tools have a free trial period, you can use them both to promote affiliate products without a website.

9 Ways To Do Affiliate Marketing Without a Website

Till now I assume you’ve followed everything that I said, and if you do so, then by now, you should be on your way to launching your first-ever landing page and should have your affiliate links on it.

Despite doing all that, there is still one big piece of the pie missing from your affiliate system, and that will be a platform to use as your potential ‘traffic source‘.

As an affiliate marketer, you can choose to bring in traffic either from one (or) from multiple traffic sources, and since today the internet is filled with so many potential traffic sources, I would recommend you to only use these nine platforms as they have proven to be good for many affiliate marketers and even for me.

Note: On the internet, I have seen affiliate marketers advising people to do stuff like sharing affiliate links within directories and start commenting on forums. But trust me, those are short-term tactics and in fact, this is not 2010 anymore.

However, I am here only to share long-term ways to do affiliate marketing without a website that would help you make a decent income.

Thus beforehand please understand that you need to do a lot of work on these mentioned platforms for months to see good results.

1) Answer on Quora To Generate Views and Clicks

As we all know, Quora is the platform of ‘Question & Answers’ and since there are always people on Quora searching and reading answers. It makes a good opportunity to share your answers and slide in your landing page/affiliate links well within your content.

Instead of giving examples of other marketers, I want to share some of my recent experiences with Quora. Before writing this article, I opened my new account on Quora and had probably written 7-10 answers in a couple of weeks.

And guess what? For those mere ten answers, I have generated more than 1k views to my content.

Undoubtedly if you work for Quora for 2-3 months consistently answering relevant questions to your affiliate niche, then you’re most likely to have a chance to see constant clicks coming to your landing pages.

So clearly Quora is a nice way to make money with affiliate marketing without a website.

The simple steps which you can take to grow on Quora would be:-

  • Firstly sign up for an account and add a relevant profile picture, credentials, and fill in your profile with a nice bio
  • Later join popular spaces in your niche and, if possible, apply to become a contributor to any of them
  • Post your answers daily and remember to only answer questions that have a good following on Quora.

2) Create and Engage in Facebook Groups

Facebook groups are probably the simplest way to do affiliate marketing without a website. Today you can find almost a Facebook group for just about anything.

To start doing affiliate marketing with Facebook groups. All you have to do is join those groups and share your links in the post comments and interact with the people to make them purchase your affiliate product.

Indeed, using Facebook groups for affiliate marketing is hard to get through because there will be tens if not hundreds of people in a Facebook group trying to do the same thing as you.

However, since Facebook groups are easily accessible and are free to use, therefore all it takes is an investment of your time to connect with them and make them into leads to generate sales from those leads.

If this idea of joining other Facebook groups and chasing people with links doesn’t seem right for you. Then you can always create a group of your own and make people join your group, and share good content so that people would eventually click on your links whenever you promote something.

Thus in this way, Facebook groups are qualified as one of the most simplest ways to promote affiliate products without a website.

3) Start Pinterest Marketing

Pinterest is considered an excellent platform for images, and indeed, marketers have been using Pinterest for affiliate marketing too. Among all the other saturated and competitive social media platforms, Pinterest is comparatively easier to generate views by sharing your Pins.

(Image Source: Hootsuite Blog)

Being said that, Pinterest is not all rainbows and unicorns; you will find competition even on Pinterest, and you should know that even on Pinterest, it will take months before you can see any consistent affiliate sales coming in from the platform.

Thus far since Pinterest has the potential and comparatively easier, you can actually use Pinterest to do affiliate marketing without having a website.

Anyways, if you want to start on Pinterest on the right note. You should follow these simple steps:-

  • Create a sleek Pinterest profile and insert your landing page/affiliate link in your bio, and create boards for your profile
  • Follow a bunch of creators on Pinterest who are popular in your niche
  • Join group boards that are relevant to your affiliate niche
  • Try to at least pin 20-25 pins of other creators each day
  • Design and upload 3-4 pins of your own and also frequently contribute to other group boards as well.
  • Use tools like Tailwind and Hootsuite to schedule your Pinterest content

4) Start Writing on Self-publishing Platforms

Even though Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube are the top layer of content creating platforms. There are actually multiple other platforms too which generate millions of traffic each month.

Also, most of these platforms have lesser competition than our usual social media platform..

Even though I think that this suggestion is best for someone who likes writing just like me and if you are also the same. Then I think you should take advantage of some of these free writing platforms to build an audience and share your affiliate links in your content pieces.

Right now, there are tons of such platforms where you can write for free. Some of such self-punching platforms are:-

  • Medium
  • Vocal Media
  • Blog Lovin
  • Hubpages
  • Steemit

Note: Since all these mentioned platforms are significant sites with millions of readers. They have a good trust score on Google, and if you’re able to write articles with popper optimized keywords, you would also have a better chance of even ranking your content on Google.

Thus, by constantly writing on such self-publishing platforms, you will learn to make money with affiliate marketing without a website.

5) Grow an Instagram account and become an influencer

I am sure that you must be thinking that there are already a bunch of Instagram influencers out there, and I might have no chance as a newbie to growing on the platform.

To some extent, what you think is true regarding the platform is filled with big players and competitive creators. But in reality, you don’t need 100,000+ followers to become successful on Instagram and make money.

In fact, you could do affiliate marketing on Instagram with no followers but in the long run and to build a sustainable income, we do need followers.

Although the best part is that an account with even less than 10k followers can generate commissions for your affiliate product. Moreover, Instagram is all about building your brand and interacting with people on a level where your followers can trust your content.

I have grown my Instagram account to 10K followers, and I can say that growing to 10K followers without paid advertising on Instagram is tough, but it’s definitely not impossible.

Tip: If you’ve heavy pockets, then I would recommend you spend money on Instagram ads and paid shout-outs to increase your follower count.

Since I assume most of you don’t have a heavy pocket and wanna grow your followers organically, then remember to be consistent with creating regular content, interacting with people frequently, and thereafter should grow your brand over time.

I assume you know that most of the influencers on Instagram do make money with sponsorship posts and affiliate marketing and they do it by having no websites of their own.

6) Start a YouTube channel

With over 2 billion daily active users, YouTube has undoubtedly revolutionized the online content industry with videos.

There are actually tons of YouTubers out there who make more than decent income just by monetizing their channels with affiliate marketing, and I don’t see any reason why you shouldn’t start a YouTube channel especially if you’re passionate about something.

Youtube affiliate marketing without a website is probably the best choice than other platforms as I don’t see any other better video content platform online which can provide you exposure to such a vast user base.

However, to create content on YouTube, you need to have specific skills, and if you don’t, then it’s going to be hard to create quality content and generate views for your videos.

Instead of trying out on your own, you can opt for free YouTube courses from Udemy, SkillShare, Eduonix, and Teachable

Later when you finish your courses and understand the nitty-gritty details of YouTube SEO you could eventually start a channel and grow it on YouTube.

7) Start PPC Advertising

So far all the ways which I mentioned till now to promote an affiliate product were through platforms that are free to use, but instead, if you have money in your pockets and wanna test paid advertising.

Then it’s a great idea.

Although paid advertising means investment, here you actually can start campaigns with smaller budgets and later scale it up as you see profits.

While running ads do remember that most of your initial profit from ads should be re-invested in itself which means every initial dollar of your commission should be spent again on ads only so that in this way, you will keep the ball rolling.

Also in return as your ad reaches more and more people,  there will be more leads to work with, and also you will generate more sales in the end. Thus with PPC ads, you’re promoting affiliate products without a website

8) Leverage Facebook and Instagram ads

If not Google ads, then there are social media ads for you. Compared to PPC ads, Instagram and Facebook ads will cost you less, but at the same time, Google ads are more prone to better leads and more sales for your affiliate marketing campaigns.

Despite saying so, I think Facebook ads do have the potential to make you money with affiliate marketing without a website. Even though over the years, Facebook has written ad policies to terminate old affiliate practices, there are still marketers who prefer Facebook ads as their major traffic source.

Also due to Facebook’s strict ad policies most of the new advertisers have failed at advertising on Facebook and such experiences led them to think that affiliate marketing is dead.

Whereas if you ask an experienced advertiser, he would say that running affiliate marketing campaigns on Facebook can still be successful.

All we need to do is learn our ways to get around with Facebook ad policies and give preference to users while still targeting and triggering them with ads

9) Run native ads

I bet nobody told you this.

But actually, there are only a few affiliate marketers who use native ads for their campaigns, and since most affiliates don’t do this, they won’t recommend native ads to you.

However, if you’re wondering what native ads? 

Basically, native ads are the paid ads that are designed to look and feel similar to the content/article in which they are placed. I am sure most of us have visited big media publication sites and clicked on an ad thinking of it as a part of the content.

In general Native ads are costly, and it is said that the cost per impression for a usual native ad is comparatively higher than any other ad platform. Thus only people who have oversized pockets should look into native ads, and since the ad spend is more, affiliate marketers usually make more money using native ads than PPC and Facebook ads.

There are two prominent native ads platform, and they are:-

  • Taboola
  • Outbrain


I am glad if you’re reading this line, and now I would assume that you have probably read most of my content on ‘How to make money with affiliate marketing without a website‘.

Even though I mentioned the best nine ways in which you can start affiliate marketing. But remember, you don’t need to try all nine platforms once.

Instead of trying them all, you can start with one platform at a time, that is more suitable to your affiliate niche and has the potential to generate traffic to your products.

And once you start seeing traction from one platform, for example, Instagram. Later you can hop on to other platforms like Facebook or YouTube or anywhere else which seems more promising.