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Have you ever contemplated the best-selling items on Etsy or what Etsy’s best-sellers are selling to generate more revenue?

If these questions are wandering off in your mind, then here I have something that will put a stop to all such queries once and for all.

Etsy is the name that crosses our minds whenever we talk about selling something handcrafted, vintage, or artistic stuff. It is a hub for creators and people who seek such things. It is one of the best platforms that has broken all the stereotypes regarding pursuing passion as a source of income. Etsy has given a significant start to so many creative individuals out there and still keeps providing such a platform for all.

Statistically speaking, since its inception in 2005, the platform has grown to connect 81.9 million customers with 4.36 million vendors. In 2020, Etsy’s gross product sales were $10.28 billion. So if you are the one who is planning to sell your art or customized product or service online, then Etsy is the one-stop destination for you. But like most people who are starting their own eCommerce business on Etsy find themselves in a dilemma when answering what sells best on Etsy.

Well, not anymore!

Here I have compiled the guide on the best-selling items on Etsy. The items in this list are usually the best-sellers (or) popular products on the platform.

List of Best Things to Sell on Etsy to Make Money

I understand the process of running eCommerce stores can be a little overwhelming for someone who is looking for a source to earn money, but most of the time, things they are implementing are not working out.

So, here to help you out a little with your journey on Etsy, I have jotted down the list of best things to sell on Etsy to make money.

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1. Craft Supplies


The first thing that brings a lot of traffic on the platform is crafts and supplies. As I have mentioned earlier, it is a platform for the artist people for those who adore artistic things. There are many crafts and supplies that we don’t get in stores, and Etsy comes in handy by being online.

Etsy is the spot for you if you are looking for fancy stickers, hooks, beads, claws, and much more. The one item that is doing wonders in the crafts and supplies categories are stickers. It brings a lot of attraction to the platform and Stickers are always in trend.

Now, if you are wondering about the popularity of stickers, because it is recognized as the cutest thing on the platform, and the majority of shoppers are women who go for such cute stuff. Not just this, many store owners are displaying handmade stickers to grab visitor’s attention.

Custom made stickers sell like fresh bread on a platform as it keeps personal touch and essence alive. Next, the things that draw a lot of attention in the crafts and suppliers categories are beads, charms, and all.

2. Handmade Items


Etsy is well known for its platform to get all kinds of handmade items at your doorstep. Handmade items have been top-rated for a long time. The global handmade market is said to reach $718 billion and I think we know why.

Even back in the day, people used to sell their handmade items by installing a physical stall (or) by making temporary shops on the roadside. Decades ago buying unique or handcrafted stuff from physical stores was some task but still, people love buying such products, and I think the craze of the handmade market isn’t gonna fade away.

Today, Etsy has already taken things to the next level by allowing all the artists to sell their handmade items on the platform. Buyers who’re looking for authentic handmade items come to the platform to put an end to their search. Handmade items have a different sort of feeling, not only is it pleasing to look at but it also feels connected. That’s why buyers lean towards handmade stuff.

The items rocking on Etsy under this category are personalized gift items like pendants.

3. Jewellery


Jewellery is another thing that is listed as the best-selling item on the platform. No matter what the condition is, jewellery has the power to attract customers. As we have mentioned earlier, most of the traffic on the platform is of women, and do we have to explain it more.

Women and jewellery go a long way. But the impressive thing is many stores on Etsy promote handmade jewellery. In the section of jewellery earrings, bracelets, and necklaces are popular selling items.

Etsy has a vast collection of handcrafted jewellery items, and it is the best place for buyers if they are looking for handmade jewellery items. Not just this, people who want to gift unique jewellery items to their friends and family also love to explore on such platforms. Considering all this, starting your jewellery store on Etsy would be the safest bet.

4. Wedding Items


Finding wedding items is always an overwhelming process and the even more annoying thing is to find the right place for purchasing wedding items. Back in the day, people used to use catalogs or magazines to look for the items they were interested in and then pay a visit to the shop asking about the same.

But now we are living in a world where everything is fast-paced, finding the time for the wedding itself is a huge deal, so paying additional hours visiting a shop to shop in search of wedding items can bring tears to anyone’s eyes. But today the best part is that stores like Etsy have made the process easy for all wedding enthusiasts. Many people love to buy wedding items from multiple Etsy stores.

Most top stores on Etsy sell bridesmaid’s dresses, wedding invitations designs, jewellery items, and much more. Buyers love to purchase such stuff from Etsy stores as they want their day to be unique, and nothing is more special than Etsy.

5. Accessories

Accessories are other things that are categorized as one of the best-selling items on Etsy. These are the stuff that can draw attention from miles, and you might have noticed that while visiting any marketplace, people gravitate towards accessories like cufflinks, pins, crowns, and much more. The reason for the same is they consider it cute and affordable for anyone.

No wonder why there is a huge demand for accessories in Etsy stores because those who are interested in buying accessories things would never feel enough. They will always crave for more. Items like cute child bows, pins, hair bands, and much more are grabbing buyer’s attention and that’s why simple accessories are a massive deal on the platform.

6. Paper & Party Supplies

Got a heart for paper and party supplies?

Then Etsy is the place you look for paper items. You see, planning anything is not a cakewalk. People struggle with it, that’s why people love to do fancy stuff like a catchy calligraphic planner that keeps the spark of planning alive, but where exactly did you find these paper and party supplies?

It is not available on any other stationery shop, but gladly there are dedicated stores on Etsy that sell scrapbooks, stamps, party cards, and much more. These stores bring a lot of traffic as demand for paper supplies never goes down.

7. Clothing

Now, you must be wondering why clothing is listed on the top-selling items on Etsy, what is unique about clothing as many brands are ruling the market when it comes to clothing. The catch with all those brands is they don’t sell customized clothes or typographic clothing items, and much more.

You won’t find the dress of your favorite show hanging in a branded store, but you can indeed find one of Etsy’s stores. Etsy is the best place for looking for printed t-shirts, shorts, and much more. Most people who go to pre-wedding shoots or baby showers also explore the platform as it has plenty of choices in the clothing aspect as well.

8. Vintage Items

The most challenging task is to find vintage items as they are not readily available and to our utter imagination, these are such things that can mesmerize every second person.

Almost everybody has a particular corner in their heart for vintage items; you might have remembered the incident when we visited museums and how our eyes were popping hearts seeing all the old and vintage stuff.

Things were relatively smooth after the inception of Etsy as it becomes a place for vintage and antique and the best part is anything can be antique, I am sure you heard this saying, ‘One man’s trash is another man’s treasure’. Thus if you’re some whose house is filled with potential vintage items then hop onto Etsy and sell them.

To vintage or antique items lovers, Etsy has a plethora of opportunities. One can find vintage items in almost any category, from jewellery to other stuff.

9. Home & Living

The urge to decorate a home never settles, and what is a better place than Etsy to look for home & living decorative items. According to Statistica, this category is one of the most popular Etsy’s categories globally. Often when we see good decor stuff, we want it to be brought home. But for those who look for classic and vintage items, things can be a little tough as brick and mortar stores don’t have many choices in this department.

So the subsequent place buyers love to explore is Etsy stores, as they will be confident to land wall decors, garden decor items, and much more in a single scan. That’s why selling home and living products are generating more money for all the top sellers on Etsy.

10. Art & Collectibles

Lastly, Etsy is known to be a place for artists who want to sell their art and collectibles to buyers all across the globe. Gone were the days when people had to go through the hectic procedures of buying art. The first thing was art was not available quickly to individuals, those who used to travel a lot only can purchase different kinds of art for their homes and family.

This barrier was broken when Etsy was launched. People who love art started visiting the platform in search of sound art. Today, it has become the hub of sellers and buyers who are more into art and collectibles. Items like digital prints, drawings, illustrations, and much more are the primary source of attraction in the art and collectibles category.

5 Tips to Sell items Like Pro on Etsy

We know that running any business can be an arduous task, and we all need some guidance to scale our business and make a profit, even if you are selling the top seller items on the platform. So below, I have jotted down some tips to help you trade like a pro on the platform.

1) A niche is must

You can’t succeed in the Etsy top seller game if you don’t define your niche. Selling a variety of things will only distract your consumers. The best approach is to sell stuff that is doing great in your store. Examine your seller history to assist you in pinpointing the goods that fall into the category you could sell.

Furthermore, there is no harm in learning about the perspectives of purchasers who are looking for products on Etsy and understand how they landed on your product.

2) Keywords are crucial

Keywords and SEO are a skill that you must learn. The Etsy algorithm helps your items to show on top whenever someone searches for the item. The position of your listings to appear on the top depends upon multiple factors like your ratings, reviews, and even good SEO.

Hence try to ensure you’re using keywords to their full potential in your listings.

Do add the keywords in places like item description, product title, and other different sections. To increase the exposure of your business and consequently acquire customers, you must gain a thorough understanding of Etsy’s SEO game.

3) Keep your pricing consistent

The thing that annoys a buyer is inconsistent pricing or charging more than the item’s worth. As a seller you need to avoid doing that, the best way to develop a pricing strategy is to look for competitor prices and understand how much they are charging for it.

If you feel like your product is worth the price, go with it, and later check with buyers in terms of what they think will be the best price of that product.

4) Try hands-on customer engagement tactics

Keeping customers engaged on the platform is another good approach to enhance your sales. Top sellers on the platform use various tactics to keep their audience engaged. The best way is to give coupons and exclusive discounts.

Make your customers participate in a purchase decision, involve them via activities, and gather their email addresses and phone numbers for future marketing purposes.

5) Take advantage of multiple channels

Lastly, selling stuff on Etsy won’t be enough if you want to ace the game of Etsy’s top seller. Since eCommerce has gained so much importance recently, you should make use of other selling platforms such as Amazon, eBay to increase your revenue online.

Wrap Up

That’s all!

Now you know all about the best-selling items on Etsy. No denial, Etsy stores can be a significant source of income if you are seriously trying to sell out the things you are crazy for. Many top store owners on Etsy are proof that what I have listed above can generate a lot of cash if you seriously want to earn money. I hope this article might have helped you in any way possible.

So what are you waiting for? Include some best-selling items in your Etsy stores, grow them to new heights, and let us know all about your experience in the comments section.

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