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Have you ever wondered about what sells best on eBay? If not, you actually should because we all want to know what sells the most and if you’re a seller it’s even more important to keep an eye on it. Thus to help sellers and eCommerce business enthusiasts, I compiled this list of eBay’s top-selling products.


eBay is a familiar name when it comes to making money out of selling. It is a source of earning income with little or zero investment. Statistically speaking, in 2021, there will be over 182 million eBay active user base, with the United States accounting for most traffic. And, only last year, $22 billion of products were bought and sold on eBay; the website is destined to be bustling and one of the significant sources of bread earners for those who sell stuff on eBay.


Many times, people who start to find themselves in contemplation don’t know what will work best on eBay. Hence here I have prepared the list of the best items that can surely give wings to your eBay store.


So without wasting any more time, let’s dip our toes in knowing more about eBay’s top-selling items.


What are eBay’s top-selling items?


The question must be stuck in your head about all this buzz around top-selling items. You see, deciding what to sell on eBay can be a daunting or overwhelming process. This is where the concept of top-selling items has been introduced to help all the sellers out there. Basically, top-selling items are the list of things that are doing great on the platform. This simply means buyers all across the globe are more interested in such items and sellers on the other hand selling more of these.


If you have already chosen your niche and products for your online store, then this article is less likely to change your mind. However, if you’re still searching and looking for some better options, then this list can help you tickle down some product ideas into your brain.


List of Top Selling Items on eBay For Profit


Often, people want to know about the tools that can help them locate the most trending items, and for such cases, the eBay Trending Now page comes in handy. Where it displays items by season, category, and the number of times the thing has been browsed. However, skimming through hot product categories isn’t the only method to sell your items on eBay rapidly. Every object may find its home if it is placed in the proper niche. Thus here are some of eBay’s best-selling items that might help you increase your sales.


Note: I have compelled this list from eBay’s own Best Selling Items page.


1. Jewelry & Watches


Jewellery and watches are one of the hottest categories on eBay. No matter what the condition is, people always find a reason to buy engagement rings, delicate earrings, rings, and watches. This is precisely why it is the trendiest item on eBay. Numerous jewellery and watch collectors successfully utilize eBay to locate one-of-a-kind items and help support their increasing collections.


Whether buyers want to decorate themselves with diamonds and pearls, update their appearance with a beautiful watch, or wanna save up for a significant present, eBay is a one-stop destination. And the best part of including jewellery in your inventory is, there are hundreds of options. The more the options, the more the chances to allure buyers.


The same applies to watches, you can try to include as many as possible and make sure to describe the item’s most essential features to shine on eBay. Remember these days smart watches are a popular choice and also our old vintage/classy watches will never go out of trend. Hence it’s a suggestion to keep an eye on both of those types.


2. Computers/Tablets & Networking


The second most selling item on eBay are computers, tablets, netbooks & laptop replacement parts. A lot has transformed in the past two years when the whole world was going through a pandemic, and people were stuck at home due to a lockdown.


The desktops, tablets, printers came as a saviour. Everything is online now; from ordering groceries to online classes to working from home, everybody relies on these gadgets. That’s why there is a tremendous uprise in the sales of computers and tablets. eBay is undoubtedly the best place to sell computers and tablets as most people come to this platform looking for used goods at a lower price.


3. Cell Phones & Accessories


Mobile phones and accessories are evergreen products, it is always a talk of the town. With new phones hitting the market every year, the landscape of the cell phone industry has completely changed. People are changing smartphones like clothes.


That’s why there is considering selling and buying of mobile phones happening in the market. When it comes to buying stuff such as cellphones, headphones, and accessories, most users love to explore eBay because there are high chances to land a 2-3 months used device at an affordable price. Considering this, most sellers on eBay love to display cell phones and accessories in their stores. To allure customers, add an honest description of the product.


4. Video Games & Consoles


Video games and consoles became the source of happiness for so many individuals out there in this self-isolation and lockdown. With everybody being stuck at home, people are looking for ways to keep anxiety and loneliness away, and nothing works magic as spending time playing video games.


That’s why the market has witnessed a vast upsell in video games and consoles. When it comes to finding vintage video games, buyers explore eBay, as it is known to be one of the most significant vintage-seekers communities. Including older games in your inventory will not only bring more consumers but also boost your sales.


5. Clothing, Shoes, & Accessories


Clothing, shoes, and accessories always remain the buzz of the town because people love to be well dressed. The fashion industry is one of the supporting sectors in the country’s economy. From Puma and Adidas to Dior and Zara, eBay has a wide range of brands.


Numerous fashion items on eBay are either handcrafted, antique or used goods. Consumers are always seeking unique prints; therefore, sweatshirts and printed t-shirts are in great demand. Also, women’s handbags, shoes and accessories instantly grab the buyers’ attention. While selling fashion stuff on-site, always keep an eye on what is grabbing customer attention. And the best way to do that is to stay active on community forums.


6. Cameras & Photo


It is one of the hot-selling stuff on many marketplaces, and eBay is no exception when buying cameras, lenses, digital films cameras and photos. More people are interested in clicking photographs which result in the purchase of cameras. And there is no place to purchase budget-friendly cameras other than eBay.


Not just this, many artistic people love to sell thor clicked photos on the site. Drone cameras, accessories, and other items are doing great on the platform. So including this on your inventory will skyrocket your sales.


7. Health & Beauty


With more free time in their hands, people gravitate towards health and beauty products to improve their skincare routines. One of the most well-known aspects of the beauty business is skincare, health, and hygiene. People are on the lookout for magical items that would help them age gracefully and enhance their beauty. eBay is a fantastic location to find a wide range of brands, from tiny to vast and well-known.


So selling health and beauty items such as fragrances, anti-ageing products, vitamins and minerals, etc would help you. Make sure to mention the expiry date and all practical information about the product to help buyers make a purchase. Plus, it will also increase your credibility.


8. Music, DVDs & Movies


One of everyone’s favourite pastimes is listening to music or watching classic movies with their loved ones. Back in the day’s people loved to collect Music DVDs and cassettes of their favourite movies and music. Now, if you search for the same, you will hardly find a place from where you can buy vintage collections.


Today, eBay is working as a medium to keep vintage things preserved. It is a place for old souls who long for classic movies and music. That’s why these items are one of the best-selling items on eBay.


9. Automotive


Lastly, the demand for vehicles parts, audio, and electrical components remain high on eBay all across the year. Let’s be honest: if you need parts to fix damaged components in a car or truck, the manufacturer or speciality supply store will be the last place you should go.


The reason for the same is they will charge high fees which are out of our budget. The buyer came on eBay to discover hundreds or even thousands of components from authorized sellers, amateurs, and those who salvage parts from junkyards. This is why selling automotive parts is a good option too.


Things to Keep in Mind While Selling Products on eBay




Selling on eBay exposes your products to active monthly consumers who are all buying from the same catalogue. eBay is a savvy partner when it comes to selling. As an eBay seller, you’ll have to have access to resources that can help you market your products globally and discover new technologies that will make it easier for customers to locate your items. It is also advisable to follow some eBay bloggers online, check their content, and note down their recommendations.


But there are some points to have in mind when you want to make money using eBay:-


  • The easiest way to begin as an eBay seller is to engage as a buyer. Other users will be able to see that you have quite an eBay past and will trust you. Even if you only buy a few modest goods for dollars, immediately paying for them and making an effort to leave feedback may help you establish your eBay footprint and earn you a good rating.
  • The second thing is always to choose a catchy username for your store because it displays your business, and going with any random name won’t do justice to your profile.
  • eBay runs special deals for private sellers occasionally, so pay close attention to them since you’ll most likely receive an email notification from joining them. You may save a great deal of money on vendor fees if you stand in line until these opportunities come around to sell your higher-priced products.
  • When you’ve chosen a product to sell, utilize eBay’s advanced search function to see how much similar goods have recently sold. It will provide you a good insight about the item and help you decide the pricing of an object.


Final Thought


That’s all! Here we have listed down the 9 best things to sell on eBay. Selling items on eBay can help you generate a lot of money if you execute the right approach. It is essential to pick the right niche and things when it comes to selling stuff on eBay. As a seller, it is necessary to keep an eye on products that are doing great on the platform. After all, we all want our store to be profitable.


We hope that this guide might help you somehow, as we have jotted down all the items that are considered the most sold items on eBay.


If you have any doubts or uncertainties about the same, reach out to us in the comments section.


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