11 Blogger Networks To Join To Start Earning with brands

Blogging is a creative way to express your views and thoughts to the world. There are many different ways to start a blog and make money with it. That’s the reason why multiple companies and professionals use blogs to share strong, creative, and informative content online. For many, a blog is an informational website and literally, the internet is filled with such websites. Do you know that there are more than 500 million blogs out of 1.7 billion websites

Brands on the other brand see this as an opportunity and have been able to leverage this growth of blogging in multiple ways. One such way is through blogger networks, which is a modern addition to the blogging world that offers earning opportunities to many budding and established writers. Let us know more about these blogging networks.

What are Blogging Networks?

Blogging networks are the platforms where brands meet bloggers. Usually, brands are always looking for potential influential bloggers to promote their products and business. Therefore a blogger with an existing audience can help such brands reach their marketing goals and blogger networks are the place where both brands and bloggers can connect.

Assuming you’re a blogger, here all you have to do is create an account, share your work, and find the brands which need you. Within any blogging network brands are always looking for bloggers and they would usually share their requirements to connect with a certain blogger to run their influencer campaigns and if you fit right into their requirements, you can apply, and once accepted you will be paid for writing about them.

In other words, blogging networks are the platforms where bloggers can land their potential sponsorship posts and it could help them connect with a brand for long-term influencer deal.

Why are blogger networks good for you? 

Do you know that more than 77% of internet users read blogs daily? Which means blogging has a great scope for many businesses to grow online. Thus blogger networks are the best for the new-bees in blogging that want to get connected with the brands for paid campaigns. 

Not only beginners but many intermediate and advanced bloggers use the blogging networks to book paid campaigns. In addition, it helps professional bloggers crack a significant deal with the companies rather than cold calling and waiting for them to respond. 

Beginners in blogging can utilize the power of different self-publishing tools of different blogger networks to establish themselves in their writing niche. Thus, they don’t have to worry about their technical skills and can concentrate on effective and powerful writing.

Further, it is beneficial for bloggers who wish to work for the top brands but lack sufficient connections. Here the blogger opportunities are immense when it comes to top-notch brands.  

Thus, there are multiple different reasons for different level bloggers to join the blogger networks. Whether it is about earning through blogs, trying your land sponsorship blogs for the first time, or getting associated with leading brands, there is nothing less than a sheer opportunity to connect with different blogger brands. So, let us have a quick look at the top and best blogger networks.

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11 Blogger networks which you need to join immediately

Blogger Networks to Join

If you’re a blogger looking for a good assignment of writing, you must join a popular blogger network. The majority of registrations are free and require basic details that are more or less related to your professional profile only. 

However, the different options in blogger networks make it different for many bussing bloggers to find a perfect match for their professional needs. Let me help you with a quick list of the top 11 blogger networks.

1) Activate by Impact

Activate by Bloglovin claims to be the leading marketplace for different influencers. It covers marketing platforms, program workflow, measurement, and analytics with cross-platform collaborations.

The best part of the Activate by Impact is the geo-targeting and micro-survey capabilities as it pinpoints a niche group of influencers. It allows different bloggers to work with pre-defined communities like “outdoor enthusiasts,” “bohemian style,” “vegan foodies,” etc. The company uses more than 71 technologies and offers a high-end blogger network.


LINQIA claims to be a leading influencer marketing platform that helps bloggers understand content marketing strategies. It works with more than 650 brands and runs thousands of campaigns. It claims to be the exclusive blogger network that guarantees influencer ROI for the enterprise. 

LINQIA offers a collection of the world’s largest brands, and its strategy works on seamless execution from influencer selection and loop management. It helps different influencers to create an online profile, and its AI-driven technology helps businesses analyze their requirements. There are more than 500,000 active bloggers on LINQIA. It deliver optimized content for all leading fortune 500 companies.

3) Blog Meets Brand

Blog Meets Brand is a pioneer in influencer marketing with more than 40,000 active bloggers. It offers hyper-specific demo targeting, hyper-local geo-targeting and follows a specialized algorithm that finds the best blogger for any business. It features compelling original content creation and deep analytics that observe a return on investments. 

In addition, Blog Meets Brand offers exclusive partnerships to different marketing agencies that can go for entire campaign management from scratch with their individual bloggers’ team. Thus, there are multiple blogger opportunities in Blog Meets Brand.

4) Acorn

Acorn promises to deliver memorable and highly effective content results to all clients. All thanks to its curated influencer network of thousands of bloggers that have expertise in more than 25 niches. It helps bloggers get the best work using the Acorn algorithm that works on influence, quality, and relevance. 

It is an aggressive influencer platform that is in a consistent search of new bloggers. It promotes the creativity of bloggers with the “pitch back” feature. All bloggers can outline their ideas to ensure a variety of content when they’re invited to any campaign.


TAPINFLUENCE offers a selection of influencers from food, fashion, beauty, and lifestyle niches. It helps businesses amplify and boost their work by providing all facilities like influencer discovery, analytics, and workflow under one roof only. The internal assessment manager of the TAPINFLUENCE helps bloggers to repurpose the content and ensure optimized distribution. 

It helps bloggers connect with different brands by offering a 360-degree detail of the blogger to the brand. It claims to provide 11 times higher return on investment and twice impressions post campaigns. Many bloggers are using TAPINFLUENCE for full-time content writing jobs. It doesn’t include bidding or mark-up rates for bloggers. 

6) Clever

Clever claims to be the world’s first full-service influencer marketing agency. It uses advanced tools to handle all aspects of influencer programs. The company focuses on micro-influencers and works with selected nano-influencers and creators at the celebrity level. 

It enjoys one of the best women blog networks and strives to become an anti-racist organization. The company helps bloggers with effective features like influencer profile definitions, influencer selection, influencer program management, and reporting tools. It is ideal for bloggers who’re new in the industry and want to get associated with leading brands for the long term. 

7) AspireIQ

AspireIQ is a leading blogger network that is named as a leader in influencer marketing solutions by Forrester. The company claims to have an active database of more than 6 million bloggers. It is easy to get invited by any business on AspireIQ and start sharing your proposals.

It provides customized and fully automated communication workflows to manage your communication with clients. It guarantees work to multiple influencers and their association with the best brands. It offers managed campaigns and community building along with bloggers’ networks. It is advantageous to the bloggers who’re looking for long-term associations with different brands.

8) The InflueceHer Collective

The InfluenceHer Collective is a leading women’s blog network. It offers connections to high-profile clients through exciting paid campaigns for all women bloggers. It offers a network with other influencers in the private Facebook group, meetups, and local events. 

It allows different women bloggers to syndicate their content on HerCampus.com that reaches millions of new customers monthly. The community programs and events that are helping virtually and physically are the other benefits of joining this blogger network. Thus, it opens numerous opportunities for women bloggers across the globe.


FOHR is a comprehensive blogger network that offers easy signup to all bloggers. The company allows classes for different influencers to grow their reach and learn different blogging tricks. It has a client base of hundreds across the globe. It compiles the data of bloggers by connecting all your social accounts to automate the entire process. 

It helps bloggers share previous work assignments, recommendations, and other collaborations. It offers a PDF download of the FOHR profile to all bloggers that can be sent to different brands for seeking blog associations. 

10) Social Fabric

Social Fabric is a community of creators. It helps different bloggers to deliver authentic content for high-end clients. It is easy to join the Social Fabric blogger network and choose the campaigns. The bloggers can start creating original content for the specific campaign or client. Out of all the possible options for bloggers, Social Fabric is a hassle-free blogging network that is highly appreciated by many bloggers.

It offers great financial stability to bloggers who are searching for long-term campaigns or clients. There are no requirements for the lengthy check-in procedure as any blogger can be on board with Social Fabric in three simple steps only.

11) BrandBacker

BrandBacker is an excellent blogger network for bloggers looking to work in food, lifestyle, beauty, and fashion. It has more than 30,000 influencers. It further offers weekly opportunities for free products, discounts, paid posts, etc. It helps bloggers develop relationships with brands. 

BrandBacker allows bloggers to give early access to their followers to discounts, giveaways, and limited products. It helps bloggers get paid per post. It is easy to start working on BrandBacker in a couple of minutes only. It allows reviews, social posts, videos, and original articles.


Blogging is the talk of the town as it is the third most common content marketing strategy. You can select any blogger networks mentioned above to earn name and fame in professional blogging. 

All these networks are high-end platforms that work as a consultant between the bloggers and the brands. It creates a balance in the blogging industry and thus is a must for different bloggers. Not to miss are the ease to use, great earnings, and global reach of these blogging networks. Thus, if you’re searching for making great money, you can join any of these networks quickly. 

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