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Google Analytics is the most used analytics tool in the blogging space. Even if you are a blogger or marketer or an owner of any website, you require the services of Google Analytics. It provides you with data, user interaction information and customer analytics in a concise format, which are crucial metrics for any blog (or) brand.

Even if it provides a host of benefits to a user, it has no reason to be active if the business has drawn out (or) you have quit your blog (or) if you found an alternative to Google Analytics. In any of those cases, you should remove your Google Analytics account as it is an unnecessary account even if you are not spending anything on it. Deleting your Google Analytics is not at all a tough process. Anyone who has set up a Google Analytics account can easily delete the same without any hassle.

You just have to follow the instructions provided in this blog to easily delete the Google Analytics account and set yourself free.

4 Steps to delete Google analytics account

In this blog on ‘How to delete a google analytics account’, you will learn how to delete these accounts and related properties and get your google account clean.

As a user, you must follow the given steps to delete your Google Analytics account –

Step 1: Visit your Google Analytics Account and log in using the credentials provided to you while signing up.

Step 2: Click on the Admin tab, which is ideally located in the bottom left corner of the Analytics dashboard.

Step 3: Once you have gotten to the Admin page, you will see three sections here – Account, Property and View. Choose the ‘Accounts’ tab here. Here, you should select the account name which you want to delete in case of multiple accounts.

Step 4: Next, you should go to the Account setting tab which is located in the Account window. Here you will have to select accounts to ‘Move to Trash can’ and your account deletion process will commence.

Once all these above-mentioned steps are completed, you will receive an email stating that the Google Analytics deletion process has commenced and will soon be deleted. Ideally, you should remove the tracking code of Google Analytics from all the web pages or blogs that you are managing for smooth account deletion.

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Other alternatives to deleting Google analytics account

For bloggers and marketers who manage multiple websites and for some reason if you want to still have that Google Analytics account but don’t wanna see any data (or) stats. Therefore deleting your blogs aka ‘properties’ from the dashboard on one of the solutions.

Thus, you can keep the Google Analytics Account and delete the individual properties from the account. This will help you save the account while removing unwanted properties from the account. You can take full advantage of the account later on.

You can delete the Google Analytics Properties by following the given steps here-

Step 1: Log in to your Google Analytics Account.

Step 2: Now, choose the tab ‘Property’. From here, you can select the property you want to delete from the Google Analytics account.

Step 3: Next, click on the Property Setting. Click on the top right, you can move the properties to the trash can.

Step4: Finally, confirm that you want to delete the property and it will be deleted from your Google Account.

How to restore a google analytics account in case, if you need it?

However, if you have deleted the Google Analytics property and you need to use it again to set up another business, you can even restore the Google analytics account by following some simple steps.

Google provides a 35 days window for users to delete their Google Analytics account if they change their minds and want to continue taking service from them. So, you will have 35 days to restore the Google Analytics Property. But you won’t be able to restore your account after 35 days as the account will get permanently deleted. In that case, you will have to build your account again from scratch.

In case you manage to make a decision within 35 days and want to restore your account, you would be required to choose the account you have deleted by logging in again.

From there, you should find the account in the Trash Can in the Account pane. If you click on it, you will get an option to ‘restore’ the account. Click on restore to get your account back and start using it to make your blog richer.

Wrapping up

While Google Analytics has become the most needed tool for web analytics for any web marketer, even though I won’t suggest deleting it but if it sets you free from distraction and if you really don’t need it, then go ahead and delete the account. However, if you have wrongly deleted your account or are willing to take its service again, you have a window of around 35 days to even restore your Google Analytics account.