Businesses grow rapidly with customers loving their products, services and their brand. How do businesses do that ? Do they keep marketing for new customers ? Do they focus on keeping current customers happy hoping that they may refer ? Thought i would dwell a little deeper to find that out.


First and foremost you need to know your customers. What i mean by this is to know your Target Market. You will be knocking on the wrong doors if not for this crucial and important research. Who needs or wants your products? How old are they ? Whats their gender ? Where do they stay? What do they read, where do they go ? What do they like to associate themselves with ? A more staple list would be as follows:

  • Demographics: Date on population, income levels, age and so on
  • Psychographics: Attitude, interest, culture based on demographics
  • Ethnographics: Based on ethnic and cultural beliefs and wants.
  • Buying Habits: When, How and Where they like to transact for goods & services.

If you have the answers to the above, you can be 90% sure on how to get the rest of the things going for you to get more customers.


This is sometimes an over rated word, used without understanding. Putting up an ad in the papers, tv or some social media platform isnt all about marketing. You need to do planning, targeted marketing, review and manage the marketing campaign.

I have heard some business owners putting up an ad on Facebook for a month and going like; Its a waste of time, no calls, no real customers. With targeted advertisement your ratio for success is a lot higher and when you review and manage your campaign you will definately see results.

The other type of marketing is of coz word of mouth. I have not come across anything stronger as it produces real potential customers who are almost ready to purchase your products and services. Word of mouth can be created with incentives, by just stunning your customers with an amazing product or service or by the way you make them feel.

Its imperative to build a connection, a personal connection. This is obviously a more longer route but a firmer and long lasting one. Building a list of your current customers, knowing when they bought that product, knowing their names, knowing their birthdays, offering them a discount on their birthday or seasonal celebration are some of the ways to build a personal connection. People dont want to deal with companies, they like to deal with people, friendly understanding ones. So instead of portraying yourself as a corporate entity who only churns out products and services, listen to your customers and be a person.

Companies that are large have the infrastructure and resources to hire customer care consultants who become the listening ear and the ones to calm and ensure that the customers feel good about the brand, products and services.

So how about small medium businesses or even startups ?

One way is to automate all reminders and referral processes.This seems counterintuitive, but it’s important. Personalized, tailored thank-yous, emails, appointment reminders and even sending gifts can be time consuming. While dealing with everyday crises, onboarding new customers, and dealing with a thousand other things, it can be easy to lose track of referral processes. Thats when you need a good CRM that helps you even with the processes of building referrals and taking care of your customers like Gifttag,

Gifttag allows businesses and sales people build a more personal connection with their customers. It allows you to store all contact information, meeting reminders, referrals and also allows you to set automated SMS’s, Greeting Cards, Email and even Gifts to your customers in your own company name and identity. Just imagine, you just came out of a meeting and you know that this client is flying off next week and its his birthday. Instead of you taking the time to run down to the store to get a gift, you can simply use Gifttag to click on his name, find a gift and send it to him on the date that you prefer in just seconds. Not only that, with the pace of your week, it might also be a good idea to prepare an SMS in your own company name to be sent at 12 midnight to be the first one to wish him, what do you think will be his impression of you ? Do you think he might refer someone to you ? These touch points are hard to acheive unless for a powerful system like Gifttag.

How cool is that ?

Imagine what used to be the playing field for only big companies who can pamper their customers is now available to anyone without costing a hand or leg. Check out this application, its really useful

If you do build a great experience, customers tell each other about that. Word of mouth is really powerful — Jeff Bezos,

Vignesh Wadarajan

Vignesh Wadarajan

Vignesh Wadarajan

I am Vignesh Wadarajan, a tech buff, sports enthusiast and adreneline junkie. I started my own company when I was 18 years of age, Jankosoft, a web and mobile application development firm in 2001.