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Do you ever hear people saying that they sell feet pics online and earn crazy money? As soon as these words came out from someone’s mouth, you would be like, what? But that’s true, no matter how weird and odd it sounds, one can actually make money by just selling their feet pics online.

Selling feet pics online is a side hustle for some and fun for others. We all live in a digital era, where displaying the right content to the audience is necessary. You might have heard about people selling photos of birds, flowers, themselves, streets, etc, but feet pics might be unusual for you. 

If you still are doubting this odd way of earning money, then you need to know about these people:-

Isn’t that insane!

Now I assume I have all your attention. Here I wanna help you learn how to sell feet pics online and where to sell them to make good money. Not just this, I will also disclose where to sell feet pics along with all the needed techniques and strategies to earn a decent income.

So let’s not wait anymore and jump directly into the creamy part.

Firstly, Who Will Buy Your Feet Pics?

When somebody talks about selling feet pics, the obvious questions must be rising in our heads like, how can somebody be interested in feet pics? Who is that dork who wants to buy feet pics? And so on. So let’s put an end to this query once and for all.

You might have seen advertisements on social media about brands selling you a wax cream, in those ads, feet are shown. Right then, everything might have seemed normal to you because those feet pics seemed relevant. 

Likewise, many brands and businesses buy feet pics to include in their marketing and branding campaigns and sell their product through that material.

This particular market of feet is comprehensive, and many companies are interested in feet pics. If you dig deep into it, you will come across industries like healthcare, cosmetics, and so on that will be interested in foot pics. 

Also, remember there will be potential websites, modeling agencies, production firms, artists, marketers, designers, bloggers, and individuals who would want a foot shot and such people are examples of typical customers to whom you can sell your feet pics.

But, Where To Sell Feet Pics?

Once you know who is interested in buying feet pics online, the following query in your head must be where to sell feet pics online. 

If that’s the reason why you are in distress, then stop right there! As in this section, we will talk in detail about all the places where you can sell your feet pics online.

1. Sell Them on Instagram 

There is no doubt that Instagram is one of the fastest-growing social media platforms. Statistically speaking, every day, Instagram users share 95 million images and videos. The platform is all about displaying your photos and videos, so it is best to show your feet pics to catch potential buyers.

Also, over the years, Instagram has become a hub for businesses and brands to sell anything, and some of its recent features like Instagram shopping, branded tags should make your journey to sell feet pics much easier.

To use Instagram as your channel please follow along.

Set-up an Instagram business account in 10 mins

To sell something on Instagram, you first need to be on Instagram. In case if you’re planning to solely create an account for selling your feet pics and stuff. Then it is recommended to open a business account, as it will give you additional features like analytics, access to ads manager, and more.

Here are some of the things to do to set up an Instagram account in 10 mins:-

  • Sign up and log in with your email address.
  • Create a username that’s relevant to your business. Which, in this case, could be something like feetpics101, feetography etc. Any name of your choice
  • Upload a profile pic
  • Fill your bio with relevant information and your account description.
  • Leave your contact details (or) share any URL in the bio link so that your followers on Instagram can reach you and then buy your pics.

Create content and gain followers

The very first step after creating your Instagram account is to work on uploading/creating your content. You’re less likely to grow on any social media without good content. Content, aka posts, are the currencies of social media marketing.

Creating content on social media is a very strategic and thought-out process. But initially, if you have no idea what to upload to sell your pics. Then you may just upload random pics of your feet, add some captions, add hashtags and just go about your day.

Whereas if you are really curious to know about what content works on Instagram and wanna replicate that. Then I would recommend you to follow hashtags like #sellfeetpics and look at the posts with the most likes. You even have to look into other relevant accounts within your space to replicate their content and strategies.

Assuming the content part of your work is done. Now it all comes down to gaining followers. To get that initial traction on Insta, you can follow these steps:-

  • Upload 3-10 content pieces each day
  • Write clickable titles and follow them up with relevant CTA (Call – To – Action)
  • Add 25-30 hashtags and use any hashtag tool to grab the best hashtags.
  • Implement the new age follow-for-follow strategy. Follow 20 – 70 accounts daily
  • Also slide into brand DM’s to sell your feet pics

Take your Instagram game to the next level

The above steps which I mentioned are great to generate your first 200 – 500 followers on Instagram. But what if you wanna make a menace on Instagram by gaining thousands of followers, if not tens of thousands.

Growing an account to 10k, 20k, 50k does take time. But it could be done a lot sooner if you invest in the proper channels and avoid small gain tactics like follow-for-follow.

What are those channels which you should leverage? Right now, Instagram reels and stories are on fire. So you can spare your content, especially for reels and stories.

Remember that to scale up your Instagram traction, at some point, you do need to invest in things like:-

  • Running paid ads on Instagram
  • Collaborating with other influencers and creating content
  • Paying Instagram influencers to promote your page

2. Sell Them on OnlyFans 

The next platform on the list is OnlyFans. I know this is not something for everyone, and I would like you to skip this section if you’re not interested in OnlyFans.

OnlyFans is a marketplace and app that allows users to pay a subscription and view pictures, videos, and live broadcasts but it can prove to be a golden bird for you. 

OnlyFans has tapped into an adult content industry in a very unique way and has been helping its content creators to make tons of money by simply sharing their content.

Wait! Are you thinking about who will buy feet pics on a platform like OnlyFans? Then you need to know that there is something called ‘foot fetish’ where people get attracted toward feet in a consensual way.

If you type ‘foot fetish’ on Google trends and look at its direction. You would notice it is on the rise, and it shouldn’t come as a surprise if there are such people on platforms like OnlyFans who are into this.

FootFetish Trend on Google

Anyways if you choose to promote your feet pics through OnlyFans then please follow the steps below.

Create an OnlyFans account and monetize your feet

Creating an OnlyFans account is simple, all you have to do is sign up on their official app and wait for the approval. It is suggested that you should connect your OnlyFans with other social media platforms to make the approval process more accessible.

Once your account is approved, do these things:-

  • Set your subscription rate
  • Cross-promote your OnlyFans link on multiple social media handles
  • Create content for the platform and schedule it
  • Interact with your fans and retain them

There are multiple monetization options on OnlyFans. Features like Tipping, Pay Per View (PPV) Messaging are helping creators to sell their feet pics in numerous ways. I think this is something that creators on the platform should leverage.

3. Sell Them on Your Blog

If you have thought of starting your own blog, I would say that this step would be valid and can be a significant source of your earning. But here, creating a blog around just for foot pics isn’t worth focusing on. But what if you’re someone who can share knowledge on foot and pass on any information on foot. In that sense, you can actually write blogs around some topics and later sell feet pics on your site.

Suppose there is a blog called ‘Fix Flat Feet‘, which provides helpful content through its blogs and monetizes using a program that people follow to make their feet flat. Predominantly this site isn’t apt for selling feet pics because readers come there with a different purpose.

Instead, you can figure out a different way to talk about feet in your blog and sell pics to make money. Anyways these days, creating a blog is easy and I don’t think it’s that expensive.

Do these 3 things to create a blog

To start a blog, there are some pre-requisites which you need and they are:-

  • Domain name: The word which comes in between www. And .com in the URL
  • Web Hosting: A crucial server space to store your website data and launch it live on the internet. (Choose hosting services like BlueHost (or) SiteGround to avail a free domain name and $50 hosting for atleast one year)
  • Content Management system (CMS): It is a platform to operate your website at the backend, and it helps you manage all of your content. Usually, I would prefer people to go with WordPress.

Once you have a domain name and hosting from either BlueHost (or) SiteGround, install the WordPress and start designing your website.

To design a website and make it live, all you need is a theme that will be already available for free within WordPress, also a logo that you draw from Canva, and use some additional plugins to increase your website’s functionality.

Once your WordPress website is live, all you need is to find keywords to rank upon, write content around those keywords, then publish content regularly, and build backlinks.

4. Sell Them on Facebook

Facebook is one of the powerful social media platforms with around 2.8 billion active users

It is the platform for everyone. So without a doubt, Facebook is a potential place to sell your feet pics online. Now, what if the question is rising in your head about how to sell feet pics on Facebook? I will spill my best answer here.

Create a Facebook business page

The first mistake people make when they sell feet pics on Facebook is to forget to create a business profile. There is no harm in selling pics through a personal account, but it won’t be good for the long haul as personal profiles have limited features. But when you make a business profile page, you will unleash many hidden gems such as analytics, broader reach, and all. 

While creating a Facebook business page for feet, make sure to add all necessary information such as your website, logo, contact information, and all. So people will know that the page is authentic, and they can trust the page. Displaying this information is necessary as it builds trust among customers. Once your page is ready, start posting images, videos, and stories to reach people.

Tips to grow on Facebook

The obvious way to gain followers on any social media platform is to post content, be it pics, videos, (or) doing something live.

We all know that organic reach is pretty dead on Facebook. But in the long run, if you want to sustain on Facebook and monetize your posts, there is the only way and which is to run ads.

Anyways since running ads needs a decent investment, I think till then you can try few other strategies which can help reach people organically, like:-

  • Joining relevant Facebook groups and be a part of the community
  • Like, comment, and engage with other people’s content
  • Start a page, invite people, and post your content
  • Connect with people through Inboxes

Additional Tip: create your own Facebook group and sell the pics

If you have a good number of followers on your Facebook page (or), you can bring 20-50 people into a group through invites. In that case, creating your own Facebook group is a much better option. 

If not your friends, you can add users interested in discussing foot (or) any lower body part in general. You can find such people from your liked Facebook pages (or) from multiple other Facebook groups, invite them to your group and start engaging.

Remember that, a Facebook group with 100 active members is always better than a Facebook page with more than 1000 followers. But the only problem here is that your content gets restricted to that set of people within the Facebook group.                                                                                        

5. Sell them on YouTube 

YouTube needs no introduction, it is one of the popular streaming platforms with around 2 billion monthly users logged in. So why not sell your feet pics on YouTube.

You can start your online channel and upload videos to keep it rolling. In the description box, you can mention affiliate links (or) the price of your feet pics for your viewers. Those who might be interested in buying can be redirected to a website from where they can make the purchase. 

Create A YouTube channel

It is pretty easy to create a YouTube channel, but the challenging part is all about gaining new subscribers. Once you have decided on your broad niche, you can simply create a youtube channel. Make sure to keep the name of the channel simple and relevant. Also, keep the description of the channel on point. 

Start posting content around your niche and browse your competitor channels for inspiration. It is crucial to create quality content as people won’t watch a video when they find it boring.

Also make sure to keep your content long, so that your watch time can increase. You can also sponsor various products related to foot care in your video. Don’t forget to attach the bell icon or subscribe button watermark in your video.

Gain subscribers

Subscribers are essential everywhere. To gain subscribers, you need to analyze your competition and duplicate all the tactics working for them. 

Gaining subscribers and views is not an easy task on YouTube. The very first approach is to create quality content. Also, find topics in your niche that don’t have much competition, but there is a chance to rank your videos and generate decent traffic. You can also share your videos on other social media channels and draw that traffic on YouTube.

6. You Can Sell Them on Craigslist 

Craiglist is a popular medium that brings buyers and sellers closer to one place. So if you are not using this platform to sell your feet pics, you are surely missing out on something. 

It is effortless to sell feet pics on Craigslist. All you need to do is create a seller account, display your feet pics and wait for buyers to reach out. The best part is here is that you are totally in charge of the price. 

Leverage your Craigslist account

If you are new to the platform, my suggestion is to understand it as it will help you create an authentic account on Craigslist. The platform is swamped with scammers, and you don’t want people to see you as a scammer.

After understanding the platform, create your seller account, add necessary information and upload your feet images. When it comes to uploading images, always go with high-quality images as it will allure customers. Further, put extra effort in personalizing your advertisement as you want to stand out in the crowd as a seller.

Use forums to make sales

There is an online Craigslist community/forum that might help you stand out from the crowd. Craiglist is more than just a classified ad site. People may ask queries and obtain answers from these forums and communities. Craigslist discussions always attract more visitors than its classified ads section.

Also, Interacting with vendors and prospective buyers on Craigslist forums is possible. If you participate in the discussions, you’ll get exposure to potential buyers that your competitors won’t have. Customers are more likely to buy from you if they see you active.

7. Sell Them on Twitter 

Twitter is the platform that can make your voice heard. More than 200 million people actively use Twitter. You see there’s your opportunity to make moneyTwitter. 

But like other platforms, you won’t be directly selling pics on Twitter. Here what you will be doing is alluring your customers and retargeting them to your website. With the help of Twitter, you can build up a vast clientele in no time. So you must be wondering what to do to sell feet pics on Twitter. Here is your answer.

Create a Twitter account

The very first thing to do is create your Twitter account. After creating an account, the following approach you should focus upon is gaining followers. We all know that Twitter is not a visual platform, so the best way is to redirect your followers to the targeted site. 

To gain followers, you need to engage with your followers. Your Twitter strategy should be based on the material you generate, post, and share to engage. Any material you publish should aim to gain new followers, encourage potential consumers, and expand your business. To begin, be sure to include hashtags in your posts, as it increases the likelihood of your message being shared and seen by potential consumers.

Also, pay attention to your competitors, analyze their strategy and reach out to their active followers. Try to engage with them as well by sending a personalized message about your account and all.

8. Sell them on Pinterest

Pinterest, as we all know, is a very visual platform. Even though it would be hard to monetize foot pics on Pinterest directly, yet it can be a great source to redirect traffic from Pinterest to other platforms.

How to grow on Pinterest?

Compared to social media sites like Instagram and Facebook. Pinterest is a less-saturated platform, but despite saying that, there is some hefty competition even on Pinterest too.

So growing on Pinterest does take time, but till then, all you’ve got to go is implement the right tactics to generate traffic. Please consider following these steps:-

  • Create your Pinterest account and share a link in your Pinterest’s bio
  • Upload some pins/pics of your feet. Create group boards and organize them
  • Go to your competitor profiles and follow their followers.
  • Upload daily pins and make sure to pin other people’s pins too.
  • Use a tool like Tailwind to schedule your posts and join multiple group boards to increase your reach.

Pinterest marketing isn’t going to work within a day (or) a week. You have to be consistent and at least try to implement the right tactics for three months, and I am sure you will see some gains.

9. Sell Feet Videos on Tiktok

Tiktok is one of the finest channels to gain fast exposure.

Despite Tik Tok being portrayed as a platform for young teens with no buying potential. It does help you generate those clicks and exposure via short clips which is way easier than any other social media platform.

How to grow on Tiktok?

As all know, Tiktok is the place for short video clips, and I think it works great for someone who wants to let their viewers have a peek at their feet. 

Also, Tik Tok is a fantastic platform to hop on any trends, and who knows when there could be a trend related to the foot, just like the foot peeling challenge.

Throughout the year, there will be several trends that will involve feet, thus sticking on Tiktok and uploading videos is worth a try.

7 Websites for Selling Feet Pics

Websites To Sell Your Feet Pics

You should know that there are many websites which you can use to directly sell foot pics online. The best part about selling through these websites is that you can still be anonymous and make money. Below I am going to cast light on all those sites.

1. DollarFeet

DollarFeet is a platform where you can sell feet photos and videos. They’re always looking for new foot performers, here all you’ll have to do is check out the model’s request form. Make sure you get all of the critical information about yourself on hand, as well as get some sample photos of your foot.

On DollarFeet payment will be made through methods like Skrill, PayPal, or a Gift Voucher.

To earn better on DollarFeet, it is recommended to post videos rather than pictures. They pay anywhere between $7 and $10 for every video, and payment usually gets done within 24 hours after approval.

2. FeetFinder

FeetFinder is an ideal online platform for food enthusiasts all over the globe. Getting cheated may be crossed off your list of concerns since your identification will be verified here, and you must have to be at least 18 years old to utilize FeetFinder. It is the best website to earn money through your feet pics.

The procedure for getting started is identical to that of other websites. You’ll need to create a new account and verify it. You may post your material after that is completed.

The best part is until a consumer makes a purchase, all material such as photos and videos are instantly obscured. Buyers have the option of purchasing pre-uploaded foot photos (or) they can request a custom shot.

3. Instafeet

Another online marketplace for feet pics is Instafeet. Here you can get a chance to interact with many enthusiasts right away after creating your account. Instafeet promises to have stricter criteria and states that not everyone will be approved.

To keep members satisfied, they suggest starting with at least five photographs and progressively adding more. You’ll have better success if you offer a low monthly subscription fee of around $10. Having a large number of low-cost customers is preferable to having a few high-cost subscribers.

4. Zazzle

Zazzle is an online marketplace where you can design personalized presents or items with the help of independent producers. You can put photographs of your lovely feet on cushions, cups, t-shirts, and just about every other marketable item if you’re imaginative.

Those selling items on Zazzle know that t-shirts and mugs with printed designs fly off the shelves on Zazzle in no time. Suppose you display feet pics in a way that allures customers, you will be earning money on Zazzle in no time. Zazzle is worth giving a try when it comes to making money from feet pics.

5. Shutterstock

Shutterstock is a photography platform where users upload images to earn money. It is the best platform to make money by selling photos. All you have to do is upload pictures on the forum and wait for brands or businesses or professionals to buy your pics.

Many marketers love to buy high-quality photos from these sites. Hence it is a very promising site and here all you have to do is set up your account and upload quality images. After a successful transaction, you have to share some commission with Shutterstock.

6. iStock

iStock is another website you can approach if you want to sell your feet pics online.

Since these are legit photography sites, so you need to make sure that you upload high-quality images on sites as people won’t buy them if they don’t find the feet pics attractive (or) useful to them. Like Shutterstock, iStock too charges for each successful transaction.

7. Etsy

Etsy is a fantastic online platform to offer creative items, virtual goods, and even weird items such as a pair of foot images. Many sellers on Etsy are actually selling feet pics in bundles, but you can try something different here, like selling jewelry or toe rings for feet.

In this way, you can display your feet pics too and earn on the item. Many people are selling foot tattoo designs on Etsy.

On Etsy, you can sell feet images as digital prints with a snarky remark so consumers may use them as decor. You see, the sky is your limit when it comes to selling something on Etsy. Hence there are plenty of other ways to make money out of feet pics and all you have to decide is which one looks more promising for your requirements.

4 Tips for selling your feet pics online

Tips To Sell

Although, you know all the platforms and websites regarding where you can sell your feet pics online.

But here in this section, I want to give some general tips regarding what can contribute towards improving your feet pics selling tactics online.

1) Take care of your foot

Once you’ve decided to display your foot and sell it online. Then it doesn’t hurt to take care of it. You can follow stuff regarding how to take care of your feet, and you should come across any foot care blogs which can help you take care of your feet.

You can also follow people like Deej, she is the author of how to sell your feet pics online, and she could be the one you can look up to in terms of how to take care of your feet. 

Following likewise foot models on your social media is an excellent way to keep up with the game.

2) Understand photography

To click a few pictures of feet, you might not feel the need to learn photography. But assume if you’re looking to do it months down the line and might wanna take hundreds, if not thousands of pictures.

Then I guess working on your photography skills can do a world of good. 

However you don’t have to go to a professional photography academy, and barely you will ever need a high-end camera to click sellable photos. Instead, what you need to look for is simple photography tips that can help your pics improve a lot better without ever having to use professional cameras and expensive editing software.

3) Promote your content on multiple platforms

Today, it’s never a good idea to be dependent on one platform. Let’s just say, what if you have built a good following on Instagram and all of sudden the Instagram algorithm starts to suspend accounts with feet pics, then you might get into trouble.

Hence it is always advisable to keep posting your feet pics on multiple social media platforms (or) try to leverage at least two social media channels where you see potential to grow.

4) Focus on an angle to sell and promote

Growing social media accounts and depending on blogs for selling feet pics isn’t going to be easy. Because you have to find an angle to get people into buying your pics, and also, you can’t be just uploading the same-foot pics every day and get away with it.

You have to find an angle (or) pick a broad niche to bring people in and later sell your feet pics to them. For instance, you can look into the foot care industry (or) you can just share about cosmetics products and add your feet pics amongst the content.

Nevertheless instead of randomly posting feet pics on social media and executing sales. You need to develop an angle, bring some audience, and later make money by selling your feet pics.

Selling Feet Pics FAQ’s  

The deciding price of your feet pic depends on you and various other factors such as the quality of your feet, image quality, and all. But one can charge anywhere between $5 to $100 for feet pics. If you think your feet are good, then don’t sell yourself short. At least try to charge $50 per pic.

Yes! Unless you are 18 years and older and don’t have exclusive rights to the pictures. In that case, you cannot legally sell photos of feet on the web. However, if you live in a nation with stringent religious views or traditions, selling foot photographs, particularly by women, may get you banned.

Yes, you can if you work dedicatedly. Nothing comes easy, and feet pics are no exception. You have to fire up your imaginative side to earn quick money by selling feet pics online.

Various sites such as Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, and other social media channels don’t charge anything to share free content and sell your feet pics online. Hence these platforms could be a promising channel for selling

Wrap Up

There you have it!

I have mentioned it all about how to sell feet pics without any difficulty. Feet pics markets are growing, and you will see a lot of it in the future. So if you are thinking about selling feet pics, then it’s time to start. I hope this guide will help you decide which platform to choose for selling feet pics online.

So what are you waiting for? Go and let the whole world know how beautiful your feet are. If you have any queries regarding the same, please reach out in the comments section.

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