Is there really a way ? Sales is hard when you try to do it. It comes naturally when you dont even try. Whats the difference and how do we do it ?

Selling has evolved from delivering that perfect pitch to building a personal connection with your customers. The more personal, genuine and true you are with your prospective customers, the higher the chances that they will choose to do business with you than anyone else.

Know Your Customers

Remembering the little things, excites people. Names, birthdays and other important events that you can relate to or even share a gift will go a long way with your customers. Everyone enjoys the feeling of being important. Just imagine that you met up with your customer and as you talk to build rapport you hear that he is flying off over the weekend or perhaps he celebrating his festive season in the months ahead. Take note of these details and drop him/her a line, this gesture will not seem like intruding into privacy but break the walls of resistance and build a friendship. Over time or immediately depending on whom you are dealing with they will want to hear your opinion on something perhaps a property purchase, maybe even a product review that you have nothing to do with, you have just won their trust. With value and need they will buy into anything that you say. Don’t come to think of it as a spell or some sort of manipulation, its just friendship build over trust.

Give To Receive

Another very important and effortless skillset is to give. Give in order to receive, its a hard concept for many to understand and implement in their business. Most want to have the money even before they start to sell, if you have such an idea please drop it. Giving can be in the form of tangible and intangible goods. Sharing your knowledge in the field that you specialise in that you think can benefit and educate your client is something that you can share. Teaching your clients on certain things that you are an authority on gives them the impression that you are the Expert, the go to person. Be generous and teach without expecting.

Heard of a sale going on, why not share ? You are not going to earn anything out of it, but the very thought counts. This shows that you care, and your clients will turn to you when they need something.

Its also a good idea to give dvds, cds, product brochures and etc. Any tangible giveaway is a good way to start or end a conversation. These are also called Touch Points. There are many touch points that you pay attention to to build a relationship,but in my opinion you dont really need to orchestrate this, let it be natural no gimmicks.

Send a greeting card, a gift or even an sms to your customers once in awhile to kindle that energy between you and your business. This step is proven and backed with statistical proof and thats why big businesses spend lots of money on their customer care arm. They ensure that they stay connected and are always available for each customer.

So how can a small business match up ? There is a wonderful customer care platform that you can take advantage of called Gifttag, .Its a one stop customer care portal that allows you to store all about your customers and also send gifts, cards, smses in your own business name and identity. Your customers will never see you the same, in fact most sales persons and business have significantly increased their lead generation and sales by using Gifttag, which saves time, energy and effort. Simply changing the way small business do business, and making each connection with your customers personal.

Think Value

Start thinking of positioning yourself, your product or service whichever that may be with value. Ask yourself, What value will your customers receive by paying $x dollars for that something. For the purpose of a conversation, lets say we are selling laptops. Just imagine there are 5 shops sellings laptops in your area and you are sure to know that your customer is going to visit all 5 to compare before making a purchase decision. Now how can you package value for the same laptop offered by all 5 stores ? 1) Cheaper Price, 2) Bundled Gifts, 3) Friendly Service, 4) Offering After Sales Service, 5) Offering more information about the laptop like reviews and customer testimonials, 6) Talking to that customer casually about his needs. The list goes on, and i share more in my seminars in detail. However all the above are correct but the priority what what you wish to offer and when to offer what matters alot. No one likes to be sold something, its a feeling of getting your money ripped. Everyone loves to buy, now think about creating that value that your customers choose to buy and not get sold, that environment, the words they hear and value that they receive.

Vignesh Wadarajan

Vignesh Wadarajan

Vignesh Wadarajan

I am Vignesh Wadarajan, a tech buff, sports enthusiast and adreneline junkie. I started my own company when I was 18 years of age, Jankosoft, a web and mobile application development firm in 2001.