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There is nothing that beats the thought of making a living without having your 9-5 momentous job routine. We all want to make money from the comfort of our home (or) at least try for that second income stream to meet the growing needs of our family.

In today’s digital epoch, it is possible to earn online in ‘n’ number of ways but what if I say there are eight legit ways through which you can make money on Google specifically, and yes I am talking about the same Google that we use as our search engine. But here there’s a little twist that you need to know, here I am not gonna only focus on Google itself, but instead, we will also look at Google’s owned platforms through which we can make money.

I hope I made you understand that we will be leveraging Google in multiple ways to make income and also below I will share how you can go about making money through each approach.

1) Use Google Adsense For Your Blog

In this day and age, starting a blog has become a lot simpler and also it’s not even that expensive to start your own blog. Honestly, all you need is a little investment of $100 on domain name and hosting which you get from hosting services like BlueHost (or) SiteGround. Once you register the domain and host your blog, all it takes is good content, good promotion, and good optimization strategies to generate traffic.

However, if you already have a blog with existing content on it and it’s generating consistent traffic, then you can make money by signing for Google Adsense.

It is the world’s leading Ad network that showcases ads on your website that are relevant to your audience and in return you make money every time people click on the ads. Google Adsense is a promising way of making passive income with your website. 

But first, you must have to be aware of Google Adsense’s policies before you apply for it. The most prevalent criteria to get approved by Google Adsense is the quality of the content. Don’t you perceive your website as having thin or spammy content and assume to make any money with Google Adsense. Google Adsense wants to only work with legit blogs. 

You need to understand what it takes to apply for Google Adsense and then the next step will be to apply for Google Adsense. For ease of understanding you can watch this video:-

Upon approval, you get to pick the kind of ads to show on your blog and also where to place them on your site to drive maximum revenue. You will be paid monthly directly by Google Adsense, but first, you have to earn at least $100 to get the initial payout.

To earn a steady income from Google Adsense, your focus must be on producing quality content that connects with your readers. Invest in both on and off-page SEO to bring high-quality organic traffic to your website. So, as your website traffic increases, your Google Adsense earnings too. 

2) Leverage Google AdSense without a Website

Apart from blogs, there is another way to make money through Google Adsense and that is through YouTube videos. Now we all know that YouTube has made thousands of individuals across the globe self-made celebrities, made them earn six to seven-digit incomes. There is no doubt that YouTubers are making a decent amount of money by creating content that is aimed at teaching, reviewing, entertainment, and lifestyle. 

Most YouTubers have invested time and effort to be the stars of their own online world. But here the important question is how are they earning so much just from videos?

Well, actually there are multiple ways through which YouTubers make money and the most common ways are:-

Usually, most of your favorite YouTubers make a large chunk of money by using two (or) more income channels that are mentioned above. But today we’re here to talk about ad revenues and predominately making money with ads on Youtube is the most common for all YouTubers.

Also if you’re still thinking about which platform pays YouTubers for running ads on their videos, then you should know that it’s ‘Google Adsense’.

Those videos which you might have seen on ‘How Much YouTube Paid Me for 1 Million Views‘ is probably the payment that creators get from Google Adsense and it is important to know that you don’t need to have million subscribers/views to make money and at the same time there are criteria to be filled in order to monetize (or) generate ad revenue on YouTube.

To get your payments through Google AdSense for YouTube video views, you have to join YouTube’s partner program and for which a YouTube channel needs to have 1,000 subscribers and 4000 watch hours. Unless your YouTube channel fulfills that criteria, you cannot monetize your videos with ads.

Hence the goal for most YouTubers whenever they start a new channel is to fulfill those ad monetization criteria and later apply for monetization. Once you get approved, you have to enable the monetization option manually within the account settings.

Your earrings not only depended upon the number of subscribers & viewers but also the level of engagements generated. To make money from YouTube, first, you have to decide on a niche, target a specific audience base, and have patience till you get good results for your efforts

Remember to get paid through Google Adsense people have to view the Ads in between your videos. If you are getting a decent amount of views, you will make handsome money with YouTube ad monetization. For views, you again have to focus on giving value to your subscribers and target audience. 

3) Sell Products Through Google Shopping Ads

There are several ways to generate sales through advertising, and Google Shopping Ads is one of them. Did you know that Google Shopping Ads contribute 20% of retail search clicks? which should tell eCommerce business owners that there is plenty of opportunities to make sales via this particular channel.

If you don’t know, Google Shopping Ads are relevant ads that appear within the search query, whenever a user searches for a product on Google. These Ads are highly effective, because they appear at the time, and feature a clean image along with the product’s pricing.

If you are looking into a channel to boost sales online, you can consider Google Shopping Ads. To set up Google Shopping Ads, you have to register on Google Merchant Center. Creating an account here is not complicated, all you have to do is to fill in the details accordingly. You can even watch existing YouTube videos to know exactly what to do.

To maximize your revenue from Google Shopping Ads, you need to have a product to sell and a hefty investment to run ads. Investing in ads is essential because ads give you greater exposure and push your odds of making more sales. 

If your Google Shopping Ad isn’t getting many clicks, then you may opt to increase the bid for your product listing. You can change the product image anytime through the product feed. Also, you may need to experiment with different strategies to improve Google Shopping Ads return. 

Before jumping into Google shopping ads, you should know that the average CPC with Google Shopping Ads is $1.16 for eCommerce stores. The ROI from Google Shopping Ads largely depends upon the image, makes sure it is high-quality, and should instantly grab the attention of your prospective audience. If you succeed in doing so, you will get more clicks, and hopefully, make more sales.

4) Leverage Google Play Store

What if I say you can make money online with Google Play Store?  If you have a popular, high-ranking App on Google Play Store, then you can make a lot of money with it. The most common ways to make money with your app on Google play store is through:-

  • In-app adverstising
  • In-app purchases
  • Direct app selling

In-app advertising is nothing but displaying ads within your app and make money as users view it and click on it. But here you have to maintain a fine balance between your ads and the content on your app, Make sure not to annoy your users with too many ads to the extent that they uninstall your App. Adding ads while maintaining the same user experience is the key.

However, if you wanna scale your revenue instead of ads, then you could land big-brand sponsorships for your app and promote those sponsors for money.

In-app purchases are another lucrative way to make money through your app on the Google play store. Usually, in-app purchases happen when an app offers something relevant to the context. For example, a gaming app might offer items like coins, new characters, outfits, and more for the exchange of real money. Hence to make users buy within your app, you need to build that user-base.

The direct way of making money with the Google play store is by selling your apps on the platform. This model is often not profitable as there will be numerous other apps that might do something similar to your app for free. So instead of directly selling apps on the Google play store, you can offer an app for free, and later offer its paid version with advanced features. 

If the user likes your free App in the first place, then he/she will probably buy the paid version. To make a decent income with your app, you have to target a particular user base and your app should satisfy their needs.

5) Earn Money Through Google Opinion Rewards

Google Opinion Rewards is one of the simplest ways to make money online. Here all you have to do is answer surveys in exchange for Google play credits. The surveys are not too long, and you can take several surveys in a day.

To get started, download the Google Opinion Rewards App from Google Play Store. Once done, launch the app using your Google account. You’ll get to answer a preliminary survey to understand how the app works. 

The Google Opinion Rewards are based on your recent shopping experience. The surveys are brief and take not more than a minute or two. You can choose any gender for answering surveys, but it is said that the female gender helps a lot, which might be random. But making regular shopping trips does help a lot.

To check your balance, go to the payment method page on Google Play Store using your Google account. The balance can be used to buy paid apps and games on the Play Store. 

6) Become a Search Engine Evaluator

Who is a search engine evaluator?

In this context, a search engine evaluator is someone who is responsible for monitoring search engine results and evaluating whether the results for a given query solve/answers the user’s issues (or) not. In short, search engine evaluators are responsible for making our Google a better place to search on and get relevant results.

Usually, Google itself doesn’t hire individuals for search engine evaluation, instead, there are agencies (or) third parties through which you can apply to become a search engine evaluator for Google. I found one website ‘Appen‘ which is frequently after individual search engine evaluators. Hence you can keep an eye on their job notifications.

Search engine evaluators get paid anywhere between $10 per hour – $20 per hour (Don’t quote me on this, but these numbers are not constant). Anyways I would advise you to keep an eye on job posts like ‘search engine evaluators’ and apply once it is available.

7) Hunt Remote Jobs on Google Careers

Google Careers is a place where thousands of job listings are updated and businesses are looking for individuals in fields like vertical engineering, customer support, consumer hardware, and more. The best part about the platform is that it is just like any other job portal where you can apply for jobs part-time, full-time, and even remote.

Therefore keep an eye on Google remote careers for the latest openings relevant to your work. Check out their official career page, and you will know any current openings. You can get all the details concerning the job profile as you click on each listing. You can even apply for work-from-home jobs online by filling out a quick form.

8) Upload Audio on Google Podcasts & Build an Audience

The simplest way to indirectly monetize your podcast is through selling your products/services (or) maybe landing sponsorships. Google Podcasts unlike Spotify don’t offer any direct money for their creators in return for their content.

Despite saying that you can make money by uploading on your Google podcasts in multiple different ways. Signing up for the Google podcast is very simple, all you need is your Gmail ID to log in and once you create your account, you can upload your podcasts, and then Google from their end will review it and publish it only if it meets their required criteria.

The first way to monetize your podcast is through podcast sponsorships, which would cover your podcast costs. You can use your podcasts to foster business relationships too. But before running after sponsorships, it is important to have enough audience base to land eyeballs of your potential sponsors.

However, you can also use the podcasts on Google to increase the sale of your digital product. If your product is relevant to your specific audience, they will listen to your podcast, episode after episode and might end up being your customer to what you’re selling.

It is highly recommended that you should take formal online training on how to create a podcast. Practice and practice, share it with your friends (or) relatives. Get their feedback, and improve, before you upload your first batch of podcasts on Google. Otherwise, you are only going to waste your precious time and money. Also, a half-parted mindset often doesn’t work with podcasts. 

Wrap Up 

Do you have any other way to make money online with Google? Share with us in the comment section below, my readers are going to love your thoughts. As a piece of advice, patience is the virtue when it comes to making money with Google.

First, you have to devote time and effort to any of the above-mentioned ways, and after that, you can think about making hefty dollars. Initially, you probably won’t get the returns you expect, but with persistence, you make a living out of Google and be your own boss.

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