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If you are using Instagram then you might already know that you can only add a single link in the Instagram bio and honestly speaking for influencers, marketers, and brands adding just one link isn’t gonna do much in terms of testing the traffic for multiple web pages. Thus this is where the need for link-in-bio tools come into the picture and when we talk about link-in-bio tools we can’t overlook one of the well-known tools named Linktree.

Linktree is one of the most popular and most used link-in bio tools, the platform was launched in the year 2016, and its goal was to allow people to add more than one link in their social platform bio.

The concept behind the tool was to display links of several web pages cleanly and pleasingly. Most people think it is a tool for Instagram only, not at all, one can use it anywhere.

But here in this blog, we are not going to talk about Linktree instead we are going to go through the best Linktree alternatives which are out there in the market.

But Firstly Why Go For Linktree Alternatives?

Now the question must be popping in your head if Linktree is a good tool, then why switch to other alternatives. There is no denial that Linktree is a good tool. It offers various advantages such as a clean interface, statistics, easy setup, and much more.

However, when it comes to customization, somehow, you find your hands tied. A few of its things are bummer for creative marketers, such as limited themes, Linktree branding, no detailed insights, and much more.

Not just this, the platform doesn’t allow you to add rich content where you can add images to attract an audience. Considering this, it is better to switch to a platform that lets your creativity fly. There are various Linktree alternatives available in the market that offer different features to their users and I think you should look into those.

List of Best Linktree Alternatives

Let’s learn more about these top-notch Linktree alternatives available in the market without wasting any more time.



The very first Linktree alternative we are going to talk about is Shorby. It is so far the best tool that allows you to promote your business without any difficulty.

One can link unlimited links on the tool and the best part is it offers advanced features like Facebook pixel integration and much more like:-

  • Customized Page:- Shorby’s ability to construct optimized ‘micro’ pages, which you can use within your social media profiles, is among its most powerful capabilities. The pages are entirely mobile-friendly, ensuring that your viewers have an enjoyable outlook from the application to the homepage. Further, it also offers premade layouts that look great on mobiles too. 
  • Dynamic Content Feed:- One of blogger’s biggest nightmares is to update their recent posts on every social media platform. You can’t neglect this because it is the only way you can generate traction. Here Shorby gives you a slight advantage where you don’t have to do such tasks manually. Shorby will automatically add the link in bio, whether a new YouTube video, blog, podcast, or product. This feature of Shorby works with every platform by creating RSS feeds.
  • Scheduling:- Another mind-blowing feature of Shorby is scheduling. All it takes for you is to set the date and time, it take care of all link updates. It is one of the best options if you wanna organize flash sales frequently.
  • Messenger:- Furthermore, the messenger option of Shorby is undeniably the best. It allows you to shorten the URL and instantly start live chat for phone calls, email, etc. It is best for store owners who rely on one-to-one sales. This feature works with various messenger platforms like Whatsapp, Telegram etc.

About its pricing, has three plans. The first plan called Rocket starts at $12/m. Then the second plan is the Pro plan which costs $29/m and lastly the agency plan which costs $82/m.



You might have not heard about the Oneinsta. link since it is a very new link-in tool in the market and to be honest I own this tool. The purpose of this tool is to create unique bio link pages for your social media platforms. Let’s look more into it’s features:-

  • Built-in Analytics:- Stats and analytics are crucial in very link-in tools. The whole purpose of these tools is to redirect users to your dedicated landing page, and if you do so, it is vital to keep track of traffic stats. Here this tool comes up with the inbuilt analytics that allows you keep track of every ongoing activity happening within the tool.
  • Custom Branding:- We know that custom branding is vital for marketers. This tool allow you to create a unique URL link with customized branding that lets you stand out from your competitors.
  • Links scheduling:- This cool feature allows you to schedule (or) even expire your own links based on the amount of link clicks and selected date.
  • API Access:- As the business expands, people will like to explore many more things that can become a little tough, but you don’t have to worry about anything with its Rest API access where you can get a chance to integrate with your multiple marketing tools.
  • Custom Backgrounds:- The custom background feature of the tool allows you to customize your bio link page using your favorite background colors.

For, you can get a free plan to test the tool with limited features and also you do get a chance to opt-in for paid features with a free trail plan too. The only chargeable plan is it’s annual plan where you can pay $60 per year to use it’s premium features.

3) Tap.Bio


One of the Linktree features, which is a bummer for many people, is that they only let you display the name of any page, and to know more about the page have to click on the name itself. This is the thing some can find pretty annoying and if you are the one who hates such a thing, then is your guy.

Here all you do is swipe left and right to view other sections (or) cards, and the best part is that you can add images and descriptions in each section. Let’s learn more about its other incredible features.

  • Dedicated Landing Page:- One of’s incredible features is that one can add a dedicated landing page for their product along with a call to action button. Isn’t it amazing? It is indeed. And the best thing is you can enhance your card/page by adding an image and description.
  • Stats and Analytics:- Luckily allows users to keep an eye on stats and analytics. Not just this, you can integrate this tool with Google Analytics.
  • Retarget Ads:- Retargeting is one of the prevalent forms of advertising, and fortunately, allows you to make the most out of it. Using this feature, one can retarget their followers via Facebook advertising, Instagram advertising, or Google ad sense. 
  • Automatically Pull data for Cards:- This is a feature where the tool automatically pulls the data for cards. Like for new blogs or videos, you don’t have to customize the card manually, the tool will do it by itself. offers four different pricing plan. Basic plan is forever free with limited features. But their Silver plan costs around $3 per month, Gold plan $12 per month, and Platinum plan pricing is undetermined.

4) Lnk.Bio


Lnk.Bio functions similarly to other link-in-bio solutions. It allows you to add a single link, giving you greater discretion over which web profiles to include in your Instagram account. One can add as many links as one wants. It works best with the social media influencers who constantly collaborate with various brands to increase brand awareness.

Now let’s cast light on some of its main features:-

  • Connect a domain and create a personalized URL – If you are someone who wants to create a more customized URL, then Lnk.Bio is your one-stop solution. Compared to other solutions which contain the name of service in the URL like Linktree and others, this tool allows you to create your personalized link.
  • Safer:- Often, people worry about security, and there are many data breaches news surfacing across the internet, considering the same, Lnk.Bio is safe and secure. The platform doesn’t ask for an Instagram password as it uses the Instagram API.
  • Social First:- The social first feature of the allows you to cross-link all your social profiles. Not just this, you can also optimize engagement across various social channels. It is the most remarkable feature of the tool as it allows one to keep an eye on the traffic.

Lnk.Bio has three plans. The basic plan is entirely free. Then they have a mini starts are $3 per month. Next, and finally their unique starts at $8 per month.

5) Milkshake App

MilkShake App

Milkshake is another Linktree alternative that lets you tweak features and is truly a viable option for one-page link-in tools. It is very much popular among users who don’t have a website. This tool allow you to convert your link into a website. Yes, it is true, your link-in tool will work as your website. One can customize their cards with logos, themes, pictures, etc.

Also the best part is that you can do it within your phone and it only takes few minutes to get started. Anyhow let’s dive deep into its features:-

  • Create a one-page website instantly:- As I have mentioned earlier, this tool allows you to create websites on the go. The best part is you don’t require any skills to develop your website. But you need to understand that one can’t start a blog using this tool alone. Hence Milkshake is stills remains a alternative for Linktree.
  • Free:- The feature of Milkshake, which most of the users love, is free. One doesn’t have to pay a single penny to use it. Compared to the other alternative, it is worth giving it a shot.
  • Insights and analytics:- Not just this, one can get detailed insights and analytics of the user using this tool. 
  • Emailing feature:- Lastly, the email feature of the tools allows you to connect with a customer on the go. All you have to do is integrate your email address with the tool.

Milkshake App is free to use.

6) ShortStack


Shortstack is not a link-in-bio tool but can be used as one. It’s a contest platform with configurable landing pages and the ability to host social networking contests. It can be used to conduct various competitions, such as video competitions, photo competitions, puzzles, user-generated competitions, and refer-a-friend contests.

The best part is when it comes to templates, the platform has many options. You will never run out of options. So let’s take a look at its other features.

  • Contest Management:- Managing and hosting contests using Shortstack will be a walk in the park. The tool manages all the contest details. You can easily place it’s link in your Instagram bio and launch online events.
  • Analytics and Data Management:-Not just this, those who used to organize contests frequently know the pain of managing all data. But ShortStack comes in handy as it not only allows analytics to keep track of entries but data management too.
  • Top-Notch Customers Support:- The tool offers top-notch customer support. If you find any difficulty in running the tool, you can reach out to its support staff.
  • Platform Management Service:- Other than this, they offer platform management services too. They will look after your Instagram and work their way to improve engagement.

ShortStack has four pricing plans. Their business plan costs around $99 per month. Agency plan costs around $249 per month and brand plan cost around $499 per month. Honestly this tool is more than a link-in tool and mostly brands use it for their all-in-one marketing benefits. Thus not a good choice for budget-friendly link-in-bio tool.

7) Leadpages


Leadpages is a landing page builder just like ClickFunnels. It allows you to create and manage static pages. One may use Leadpages to build the page, then use it’s link-shortened solution to compress the URL and include it in their social media bios. The tool is abundant with customization features like:-

  • Free Hosting:- The one feature which is gathering most of the buzz is its free hosting but understand that this tool doesn’t provide any personalized URLs and domain names.
  • Integration:- Using its integration feature, you can integrate Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel without any hassle.
  • Real-Time Analytics:- This feature of Leadpages makes it distinct from various other alternatives available in the market that offer real-time analytics features.
  • SEO Friendly Templates:- As we mentioned, it is a website built that offers various SEO-friendly templates. This will make designing your landing page a walk in the park.

Leadpages has 3 paid plans. Their standard plan starts from $27/m. Then comes the pro plan that starts at $59/m and lastly the advanced plan which starts at $239/m.

8) by Later


Another Linktree alternative that is gaining a lot of attention is by Later. It is a tool that allows you to share all your links with users and allows you to generate short links. Further, you can add a shoppable product link in the bio itself. Let’s see what more features it has.

  • Adding multiple Links:- This is the tool where users can add various links to specific Instagram posts. One can create up to five links.
  • Add Shopify Products:- If you own a Shopify business and have a bunch of products to sell. Then you can easily tag Shopify products within a single page and share it around Instagram with one single link.
  • Redirect:- Further, you can redirect the user from the post to your website.
  • Google Analytics:- To track sophisticated sales and conversion data, activate Google Analytics UTM Monitoring. is incorporated with Later. Hence opting for either of four pricing plans of Later should give you access to Lucky enough, Later offers a free plan which you can opt.

9) Campsite


Campsite is like another site like Linktree where you can add multiple links without any difficulty. The tool is easy to use and comes up with a plethora of features. One can easily change colour, logo, and embed videos.

Before talking much lets look at its other features which are mentioned below:-

  • Carousels:- This feature is a hidden gem as it allows users to embed various carousels using different banners.
  • Animation:- Animation is good at grabbing attention. And that’s why using the animation feature of the Campsite; you can highlight the link.
  • Schedule Links:- One can easily schedule the links before initiating the campaign or contest on Instagram.
  • Integration:- In the integration department, Campsite is one step ahead as it offers integration with Google Sheets, Canva, Email marketing software, and much more.

Campsite has two plans, one is free and the other one is called ‘pro plan’ which starts at $7 per month.

10) ContactInBio


The next tool on our list is ContactInBio. It can generate a landing page where you can save all links in one place. Also enables you to incorporate payment forms, streaming platforms, social media posts, and more, in addition to endless links. Let’s learn more about its features.

  • Native integration:- The ConatctInBio provides native integration with various platforms for analytics, ads, and emails.
  • Contact form:- If the customer wants to reach out to you right away, you can easily embed the contact form. 
  • Smart links:- Further, its innovative messenger feature allows users to generate direct links for messaging platforms such as Facebook Messenger, Telegram, Skype, and much more. This feature is suitable for one-to-one sales.
  • Embed videos:- It is one of the rarest alternatives of Linktree that allows all of its users to embed video in the background. It is suitable for marketers who wants to market their podcasts and videos.

ContactInBio offers three plans. The first one which is starter plan and it is free to use. The second one is an agency plan which starts from $4.55/m. Lastly, the agency plan starts from $18.2/m.

11) Link in Profile

Link in Profile

Further, we have Link in Profile, another Linktree alternative. But compared to other options, this tool is a little bit different. You can add Instagram images in your bio.

Using this, you can redirect your followers to any website. Not just this, it takes the user to specific content or photos based on the link and helps you promote it. Some of its unique features include:-

  • Automatic updates:- The first feature of Link in Profile, which almost everyone loves, is its automatic updates. Whenever you post a new link to the account, it will send automatic updates.
  • More visuals:- This is one of the tools that comes with more features to customize your link-in tool than any other alternative available in the market.
  • Well-optimized:- The thing which is shocking about this tool is, it works well on both mobile and desktop. You can optimize the profile accordingly.
  • Branding features:- Lastly, it has a branding feature; you can add an Instagram branding feature in the top left corner of the Link in Profile.

Link in Profile offers only one paid plan. It’s personal plan which starts at $9.99 per month and you can use it for 30-day for free with its trail.

12) Beacons

It is the tool that many content creators use and most admirable aspect about Beacons is that it makes creating a landing page effortless thanks to its AI-powered setup. You have to clarify a few things, here the AI will create a unique homepage for your business. Some of its other features are mentioned below:-

  • Custom domain:- Using Beacon, one can create its custom domain without any worry. People will be able to locate you and your stuff easier if you have a personalized domain.
  • Email collector:- Email collection is the foundation of every business; if you want to grow, you need to have a list of customers interested in you. The tool allows the option to collect email using MailChimp.
  • Embed music and video:- Not just can you add unlimited links and social media links, one can easily embed music and video too.
  • Analytics:- The analytic feature of the tools allows you to track views, click, CTRs, and much more.

Beacons has a creator plan which is entirely free and an entrepreneur plan which starts at $10 per month.

13) Sked Social

Sked Social

Sked Social is an Instagram management tool in short and it also mostly helps with creating link-in bios just like Linktree. It allows you to use custom CSS for further customization and includes a preview feature to view the modifications as you add content to the page. It is one of the fastest tools available in the market.

These links will open 4X times than any other alternatives available in the market. Now let’s focus on its other features:-

  • Integration:- The Sked Link tool allows integration with platforms like Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel.
  • Manages your Instagram account:- This tools helps you micro-manage your Instagram strategy by providing ability do Instagram bulk uploading, story scheduling, and managing your whole social calendar.
  • Display feature:- The display feature of the Sked Social is handy. Using this feature, one can display an Instagram gallery. It is convenient if you want to customize your feed.
  • Customization:- You can easily customize your link-in using CSS, or if you are not an expert, you can go with inbuilt themes.
  • UTM Parameters:- Lastly, the Sked Social tool can allow you to add UTM parameters. Which can be really helpful of advertisers.

Sked social has three plans. The fundamental plan of the tool starts with $25/m. Then comes the essentials plans at $75/m. Lastly we have a professional plan at $135/m.


Lastly, we have It is an online media aggregator that allows you to select information from YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Medium etc to embed the content on its customized page for you. One can include several graphic components to the post and choose to post (or) schedule anything from your existing content. Some of its other features include:-

  • Custom theme:- It has a variety of themes to choose from, one can also customize the theme based on their requirement.
  • Drag and drop:- Creating your page is straightforward. All you have to do is drag and drop the blocks. and modify the page even more by rapidly moving the squares down and up.
  • GIFs:- The thing which makes it distinct from other link-in tools is it allows you to add GIFs. As we all know GIFs could prove to be engaging.
  • Question polls:- Not just this, one can easily add question polls in Instagram bio too. Thus this keeps your interaction going with your audience. has three plans. Their first plan is free and then comes the semi-pro which costs $5/m and then they offer a pro plan that starts at $10/m.


That’s all! Here we have mentioned all about the Linktree alternatives.

I would say that our winner is ‘’. It clearly ticks all the boxes. But if you wanna try something new for free and want it to be worth your while, then you can try out I mean it is still in testing mode with new sets of features, so you might see some cool features in the upcoming days.

We hope you found this listicle helpful, and let us know if you have any queries in the comments section.