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No matter what kind of store you own on Amazon, the only thing that keeps fueling any store is market analysis. If the store owner doesn’t do the market research beforehand (or) even after head-starting their business, soon he/she is going to be out of the business.

It has actually been the case with most failed Amazon sellers as they found it tough to select the right product for their store. The process of choosing the right niche and profitable product is always going to be the key foundation for any eCommerce business and the same goes for Amazon FBA too.

However, it takes the right approach towards research to find the right product, and most importantly to carry out such research you need to have access to data. Not just any data but instead the right kind of data.

Hence this is where tools like Jungle Scout come into the picture. Right now, Jungle Scout is said to be the most accurate Amazon product research tool with a data accuracy of 84% (Which is the top in the industry)

But despite having a huge customer base of 30K+ members, there are still doubts among new sellers regarding this software which is evident and that’s the reason why I came up with this Jungle Scout review.

In this review, I will come across the points which are going to be in favor of the tool but as well as I would make sure that I make it clear regarding who should use it and who shouldn’t.

Why Do You Need Jungle Scout?

A decade ago, sellers on Amazon barely had any access to such tools but despite that, they grew their businesses to seven figures and even today there are such businesses on Amazon.

But if you’re someone who has just started out recently (or) planning to sell soon on Amazon. Then you should know that it is not that easier anymore for new sellers to join Amazon and sell anything that they want and make money as it comes.

Hence it is the reason why sellers use tools like Jungle Scout to be ahead of everyone else and if you want specific reasons to why Jungle Scout?

Then please check out these points:-

  • A simple product reserach and market analysis can take you anywhere from days to weeks, if you are doing it manually using sheets and that is why your need a tool like Jungle Scout to reduce the time for reserach.
  • Before diving into a strong market like Amazon, won’t you be curious to know how much money is there to be made in your niche? To run a data-driven niche analysis and to know your numbers, tools like Jungle Scout are needed.
  • There are over 10 million sellers on Amazon globally. Not all of these sellers will be your direct comeptitors but it is obvious to expect fierce comeptiton in whatever niche you maybe in and in such cases lot of sellers use tools to get an edge. Therefore why shouldn’t you use tools like Jungle Scout to get that edge.
  • Amazon acts as a search engine for it’s customers and there is no doubt that targeting the right keywords and optimzing your product listing with right keywords can help your product rank higher whenever someone types for that product keyword. Hence to find such potential keywords Jungle Scout provides features which can help you with that.

Actually, I can go on and on regarding why an Amazon seller needs Jungle Scout but I think you get the gist and I would assume by now, you know that Jungle Scout is the premium tool for product research.

If you buy this tool, then you should know that its core capability is to help you come up with product ideas, niche ideas, and keyword ideas using data.

Jungle Scout Features: 13 Features to Count on!

You might be tired of hearing all about Jungle Scout, and you certainly want to know why it is unique and why there is so much hype about it.

So here, in this section, I will cast light on the Jungle Scout features which make it a top performer amongst its competition.

1) Product Database

The very first thing every seller needs is the right product. It doesn’t matter how good you are at selling, it all comes down to the kind of product you are selling.

To help you out with choosing the right product, the product database feature of the Jungle Scout offers big help. It has around 475 million data points of products pulled directly from Amazon.

Not only this, this feature helps you with generating product ideas by letting you play around with different filters like high demand on a product, low competition of keywords, and good return on investment for any product historically, etc.

To quickly uncover profitable prospects, one can filter by genres, expected sales, selling rank, income, and more.

However, using this tool, you can quickly uncover the Amazon product potential by narrowing down your search to max rating to min rating or max sales to min sales, etc. Further, you can search for the product in other Amazon marketplace too such as for Amazon USA, Amazon UK, etc.

2) Product Tracker

You can shortlist products from the product database into groups and later you can analyze their performance within those groups. Using this feature, you can easily compare the product and look after its sales performance over time.

This feature allows you to easily monitor metrics like the best seller rank, average sales, and revenue of the product. As you track more and more products, you’ll gain crucial insights into the market area, allowing you to make better decisions for your Amazon FBA store.

Other than this, you can easily organize the product based on any similarity and the best part is there is no need to maintain an excel sheet, one can organize and monitor the product within the Jungle Scout itself (or) you can install their chrome extension to check it on the go.

3) Opportunity Finder

One of the challenging aspects of starting your store is deciding the niche. Niches matter the most in any online business. It denotes your interest and ability to do wonders in that department.

If you are thinking of selling multiple things in your store with no particular niche in mind, then you can’t be successful. That’s why it is better to narrow down your search to one specific niche and to provide deep insights into that niche, the opportunity finder feature of Jungle Scout comes as a great help.

The three ways in which I find opportunity finder to be useful are:-

  • It helps in discovering products with low competition but are high in demand
  • Helps in spotting seasonality of any products. Which means you can eliminate products which have seasonal demand.
  • There is a metric called ‘Opportunity score’ which indicates how easy and difficult it is to sell a product within a specific category. This score is a good indicator to decide wheather the product has a lot of competition (or) not.
  • Also you can track products which are promisng to you and also you can track the products of your comeptitors too.

Amongst all, I think the opportunity finder lets you eliminate all the time which would usually take you days if not weeks to come up with a list of products and niches.

4) Supplier Database

A seller is nothing without a supplier. You can’t sell a product in your store without a supplier delivering it. So keeping an eye on suppliers is an essential task and gladly, the supplier database feature of the Jungle Scout provides access to thousands of suppliers all across the globe.

Not just this, you can check the supplier’s authenticity by looking into its previous order volumes and confirmed shipments. Also, you can even find specific sellers who can take orders for both white label and private label products.

Further, the next best thing about this feature is the match score. This score helps you find the most authentic supplier of the product that you are looking for. It saves a lot of time and especially helps you find the right supplier at the right price.

Not just that, you can also look for a niche supplier using this feature, and the best part here is that you can find actual suppliers through the product’s ASIN number thus you don’t have to type multiple product names instead you can bulk upload ASIN numbers to find the suppliers that you want.

Lastly, you can easily compare the quality of different suppliers based on your budget and requirements.

5) Keyword Scout

Okay, now you are done with your product, niche, and even supplier, but what will you do to make your products visible to the customers. For instance, let’s assume you have decided to sell coffee makers on the platform, you would know that you are not the only one who is selling coffee makers on Amazon, instead, there will be hundreds of other sellers too.

Also, you may come across some sellers with a similar product to yours along with a similar supplier. So what do you need to do differently to gain more exposure than your competitors?

The answer lies in your product listings and you need to realize that product listing optimizations play a crucial role in the visibility of your product. Also, do note that product listing optimization is done around keywords.

Hence this is where ‘Keyword Scout’ comes with a mammoth collecting of data that can help sellers sort their best keywords for better visibility and traction. Apart from helping individual sellers choosing their own keyword, this feature also helps you keep an eye on your competitor keywords too. It is amazing to see, how it gives out every other detail like ad tracking, search volume trends, and PPC costs.

If I can explain what three things does keyword scout does the best. Then those would be:-

  • To come up with potential keywords which have high demand and low comeptition.
  • It generates past data of any keyword for upto two years, thus helping sellers to choose keywords which have maintained their popularity over time.
  • You can insert bulk ASIN’s of products and generate a list of keywords to choose from. Later you can apply filters to that list to come up with best set of keywords for you.

6) Rank tracker

If you think that finding keywords and adding them to your listing will do it for you, then you are wrong. To make the most out of the keyword research, it is essential to keep track of the product ranking. That’s why there is a rank tracker feature that lets you do that.

It keeps tabs on which keywords are generating more traction and finds the best keywords that can be more helpful on Amazon. Also, it helps in keeping an eye on your rivals and you can in fact follow their keyword strategy which is always a good approach. There is no harm in applying tactics that are working fine for others.

If you like to keep things organized or want to evaluate the effect and cause of keywords for research considerations, then you can easily add annotations straight to a product’s rating graph. Moreover, you can check the performance of keywords for a particular duration like 30 days or 60 days according to your convenience.

Hence rank tracker is that one tool that comes in handy while monitoring and assessing keywords for both product listings and PPC ads.

7) Listing Builder

When it comes to listing, people think it is the work of a nerd, but I believe the opposite. Only those who are smart enough can keep track of all the keywords.

The listing builder feature of the tool helps you with building an optimized product listing that can enhance the chance of ranking your listings on the Amazon marketplace.

The best thing about this feature is you will get an instant rating of your listings. This real-time grading takes into account things like item title, descriptions, key features, keywords, photos, and more. This feature helps you optimize your listings according to the keywords that you found through Keyword Scout.

Also, you can easily integrate your seller central account and edit your listings through Listing Builder. Hence with a single tap or click, one can pull the data into a Jungle Scout account and then optimize it accordingly.

8) Review Automation

Reviews play an essential part for every online seller. Most buyers, before making a purchase, love to read real reviews. It has been already said and proven that product reviews do help you increase your sales. So it is important to manage and generate good reviews on the product.

If you’re an existing Amazon seller then you would know that managing a store means managing a lot of tasks, you have to keep an eye on sales and always have to find ways that can improve your sales. Honestly speaking, while managing so many things it is easy to leave reviews aside and only focus on main operations.

Thus this is the reason why Jungle Scout has introduced ‘Review Automation’ which is an Amazon ToS-approved tool that streamlines the Seller central review request procedure. The tool takes all the manual time that sellers might waste in sending review requests. The tool automatically sends the review request for all the eligible orders.

Further, you can easily monitor the status of the request too in the dashboard itself. The best part of this feature is that it allows you to observe how much time you have saved by automating the review request process. Remember that the more reviews you will get, the more sales your product can bring. That’s why it is better not to overlook the power of review automation.

9) Sales Analytics

Whether you own a physical store or an online store, at the end of the day, you would surely want to know how much money you made.

But back in the day, sellers had to manually check the Amazon seller panel to calculate their profits numbers even though Amazon provided all the features that sellers wanted but their dashboard lacked customized metrics to include and was a little tacky when it came to calculating Amazon’s seller fees.

However, by monitoring your numbers through sales analytics, you are well aware of all your strategies and what you need to do to improve your sales.

This feature provides a detailed analysis of every product like units sold, profit earned, ROI, and much more. Further, you can learn all about how discounts, cancellations, and other variables affected your result by comparing sales volume with customized date ranges.

Moreover, if you are more interested in the particular product, then you can search it using ASIN, SKU, or product name, the tool comes up with all relevant information in no time. Hence helping you see all sales details down to each individual product along with the orders.

10) Inventory Manager

Inventory management is an important aspect of every business. If you are running a store, then you can’t miscalculate inventory. You need to have tools that keep an eye on inventory. This is why the Inventory Manager is used.

Using this tool, you’ll be able to forecast how much stock you need and when is the correct time to re-order the products. You can have direct access to your Amazon FBA inventory and can easily manage your inventory.

Not just that, the feature will help in determining how many products you need beforehand. Also, it will save you from all the counting and calculations.

Moreover, it can help you save money on long-term product storage fees, reduce expenses for the returns, and dispose of FBA inventory. Lastly, it prevents you from stock shortage by suggesting reordering the product list in the dashboard.

11) Category Trends

Further, this is the most overlooked feature of the software. We know that anything in trend will always bring more sales, and by keeping an eye on such product trends, you can double up your sales.

As the name suggests, this feature is to help you find and highlights the products in a category that is gaining a lot of traction.

It determines which category of products are trends by giving you their historical data. It also helps you to determine which category to target for your future product launch. You can highlight the top 100 products in a given category (or) subcategory, can also look into how an item has progressed over time.

Not just this, the tool automatically validates your product ideas by considering the following metrics like review, rank, price, and rating to examine product performance. It comes up with a graphical overview that helps you understand more about the category trend.

12) Alerts

You can easily miss out on opportunities without proper alerts intact. But not on Jungle Scout’s watch, their alert feature keeps you informed about everything.

Whether it is the change in the product pricing (or) there is a rating drop on the product, it won’t let you miss anything. This feature is important as it helps you make necessary changes to overcome the situation.

Suppose if the rating of the product is dropped, then you will have to work on improving it so that it won’t affect your sales. Not just this, it allows you to keep an eye on competitors’ products too.

You can easily set alerts to monitor your rival activities too. Or, if you are someone who doesn’t like to get notifications, you can take advantage of the detailed reporting sent by the tool at the end of each day via email.

13) Extension

Jungle Scout’s own chrome is a savior for many savvy sellers who are always busy with their product analysis. Especially for those who use Chrome and Firefox frequently.

By using the extension you can keep an eye on your sales, revenue, average selling price, quarterly sales, star rating, search volume, and more. Further, you can gain insights from Google trends, sales data, as well as other statistics.

But the best part of having an extension is that you don’t need to switch in between tabs while analyzing data on Amazon and also you can directly save your data in its web application by using the extension.

Jungle Scout Pricing

Now, after knowing all about its features, it’s time to look at the pricing plans of the Jungle Scout. The pricing of the software is categorized in two ways. I will cast light on both:-

1) Standard Plans

In standard plans, customers are charged monthly and it offers three pricing plans which are mentioned below:-

  • Basic – The basic plan costs $29/m with access to single-user and full access to the browser extension.
  • Suite – Next comes the Suite plan that costs $49/m, including all the basic features plus some advanced features like review automation, multiple users, and much more.
  • Professional – Lastly, the professional plan costs $84/m, including all the Suite features plus access to 6 users, 1000 ASINs, and more.

If you go for the yearly plan of Jungle Scout, then you can save money. Compared to the monthly plans, annual plans are pretty cheap.

2) Packages

Packages are these 3-month, 6-month, and 1-year pricing plans provide by Jungle Scout to serve sellers who are already established and are looking to use the tool for long-term gains. The plans are as follows:

  • Start-up Suite – The Start-up Suite costs $189 for 3 months with access to one user only. It is suitable for beginners.
  • Entrepreneur Suite – Next is the Entrepreneur Suite that costs $349 with access to one user for 6 months.
  • Freedom Builder Bootcamp –Then comes the Freedom Builder Bootcamp that costs $999 for 12 months with access to one user.

The best part with all these plans is that they come up with a 7-day money-back guarantee.

Pros And Cons of Jungle Scout

Now comes the time when we put a flashlight on the pros and cons of the Jungle Scout.

Please read this section thoroughly because it is an important part of this Jungle Scout review.

Pros of Jungle Scout:-

  • The very first pro is it is easy for newbies and rookies. Hence there is not a big learning curve to use this tool.
  • Get access to historical data for any product and category.
  • Further, Jungle Scout has top-notch customer support. You will never get disappointed with the support team.
  • Moreover, the information and data provided by the Jungle Scout are accurate. So you don’t have to worry about data being incorrect.
  • Makes it easy to find suppliers.
  • Makes it easy to monitor competitors product and their strategies.
  • Makes it easy to find better keyword opportunities for your products.
  • Makes it easy to find promising product niches and in fact metrics like niche score and opportunity score helps you make quicker decisions
  • Extension helps with live monitoring the data and carry out any live analyses.

Cons of Jungle Scout:-

  • The lack of mobile applications is a real bummer.
  • Users have experienced errors in the application (I don’t know wheather it is still true when you’re reading this)
  • Also the inventory manager section is complicated to manage
  • It is not an one-in-all eCommerce solution

What Makes Jungle Scout Unique?

No doubt there are many other product research tools available in the market, but not many tools have been able to beat Jungle Scout at its own game, which is helping sellers with product research. Hence that is why Jungle Scout has been able to sustain itself for the past 6 years in a competitive market like this.

Their devoted development team is constantly optimizing procedures, developing practical tools, and supporting corporate growth. However, at the end of the day, they focus only on offering consistent product analysis tools to their clients to assist them in their research and let them succeed as sellers.

There is a list of points that make Jungle Scout unique as a brand and as a tool. Hence I would like to share some here:-

  • Jungle Scout is the industry’s most accurate tools with data accuracy of 84%. Thus setting itself apart from every other tool.
  • Also, Jungle Scout’s overall error percentage is 25% which is the least of all the tools in the market.
  • Jungle Scout analyzes 500 million datasets each day and inputs them into keyword scout.
  • Be it their founder (or) their training mentors (or) their customer support staff. Jungle Scout have an in-house team of people who have built six figure Amazon FBA businesses for themselves.

How Much Can You Earn with Jungle Scout?

It all comes down to how much Amazon FBA sellers can make when using the Jungle scout. One of Jungle Scout’s customers named Andrew Nakamura managed to earn over $250k+ in just 8  months. Yes, it is true. The official page of the website is filled with such customer success stories. There is no denying that tool has already helped many users out there.

But if we break down the amount one can earn from the Jungle scout software, then it has been claimed on the official website of the tool itself that even the newbies or rookies can earn around  $26,000 to $810,000 per year.

However, to maximize your profit you need to come up with a plan. Hence here are some tips that might help you if you are new to Amazon selling a business:-

  • You need to be specific with a product. It is best to micromanage every small amount of your decided product like color, size and much more. And always go with the product that is already performing best in the Amazon marketplace.
  • The next thing is to look after the price. After analyzing everything like Amazon associated fees, profit margin, competitor’s price and all, then only set the right price for the product. It is best to use the Amazon FBA calculator to know the exact amount of the profit.
  • While displaying your product on the Amazon marketplace, you need to be distinct from the others. Use images, descriptions, heading, anything that can set you apart from others. Know that the whole point here is to gain attention.
  • Further it is very crucial to build an email list from the begininng itself. So whenever you decide to launch a new product you can promote your product to the existing customers in your list.
  • No matter where you are selling, having a blog (or) website is a must. It helps in engaging with the existing customers (or) even generating in new prospects.

Some FAQ Related To Jungle Scout

Is Jungle Scout Worth the Money?

The answer is definitely yes!

Every single dollar will be worth it if you want to be a successful Amazon seller. You have to understand the product is not a magic wand, and it won’t work on your behalf. The tool will do all the heavy-lifting while you have to do some manual work. If you can do it consistently, then you will certainly see the results.

Can I use Jungle Scout on the Phone?

No, you can’t use the Jungle scout on the phone. It doesn’t have any mobile applications. The software runs on the web, so it is better to use it on a desktop.

Does Jungle Scout Offers Free Trial?

No, Jungle Scout doesn’t offer a free trial. However, it comes up with the 7-day money-back guarantee.

Can I Cancel Jungle Scout?

If you no longer require Jungle Scout’s resources and tools, you may cancel a service at any time by going to the ‘Subscription Details’ area and click on the cancel button. When you try to cancel, you’ll be offered the choice of suspending your account, which will allow you to keep all of your information. This is useful if you need to take some time away from the online selling business.

The Bottom Line

If you have stuck this long, then it should be clear to you that Jungle Scout is absolutely worth every penny. But being said that, please don’t go for Jungle Scout if your purposes and goals are different.

For instance, if you’re an established seller and want to settle for a tool where you can manage most of your Amazon operations then Jungle Scout might not be for you. Instead, tools like Helium 10 can be the best option as the tool is an all-in-one eCommerce solution for your Amazon FBA business. (Please free to check my article on Helium 10 v/s Jungle Scout)

And whereas if you’re aiming to find the best tool to carry out the best market/product analysis on Amazon as a seller. Then Jungle Scout is the one. Honestly, I assume that no matter what a seller makes on Amazon, there is always a need for consistent product analysis. Hence Jungle Scout is that one tool that should be in every seller’s arsenal of Amazon FBA tools.