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Are you familiar with eBay? Sorry, my bad! I think everybody who’s reading this already knows what eBay is.

eBay is a one-stop destination that brings together millions of consumers and sellers from all over the world. Apart from being a hub of products to buy from, eBay is a great platform to start your eCommerce business regardless if you work at home with very little capital (or) a retailer who wanna sell enormous amounts of things. Definitely it is one of the biggest marketplaces with around 182 million customers in the globe.

Although eBay offers flexibility to their users to sell online without putting the foot out of the house. But the thing which is daunting and delirious to many of the newbies is how to start earning through eBay. I mean eBay doesn’t provide any training to the newbies and rookies who wanna become sellers.

However, there was an eBay Education Specialist Program in the past. But it ended after some time due to several reasons, resulting in difficulties for folks who wanted to sell and earn on eBay.

Currently, there is no particular program, but to help all those noobs out there, existing eBay sellers are coming up with blogs especially to train users about what and how to sell online. These eBay blogs are aimed to train and guide people though their journey of experience.

You need to note that all these bloggers are earning well from eBay, and they are available online just to share their tactics and tricks with you. Think of them as eBay influencers who are generating content that can help the community.

So if you are the one of those eCom guys who is looking for top-notch eBay blogs, then stay with me as I am going to name them all.

9 Best eBay Seller Blogs

There is no doubt that blogging is a great medium to pass knowledge and share wisdom. Most eBay scavengers out there look for a platform that can help their budding business.

If running an ecommerce business is important to you, then it is wise to follow top eBay seller blogs and if you’re wondering why? Then the answer is like any other platform, eBay keeps on updating, and if you wanna stay ahead of latest ecommerce changes, trends, adoptions, and strategies. Then you need to follow eBay seller blogs to keep moving.

The individuals/blogs mentioned in the article are the one’s who implement all the changes as soon as they come to know about them. You can miss all these changes if you are not active, but by following all the eBay top bloggers, you will not only learn about the updates but also how to implement it on your platform. Below I am going to discuss about nine such eBay seller blogs.

1. Ebay Inc

The topmost on my list is eBay Inc. It is a blog by eBay itself. It is a must to follow blogs if you are on eBay. It’s been captivating to witness how eBay users utilize eBay Inc to interact with individuals worldwide and voice their opinions, not just about eBay but also about their personal affairs and hobbies.

This blog keeps you updated about everything, whether it is a new update or things that help you grow more efficiently on the platform. The news on this platform is built to enhance the shopping journey. Not only will you find all their articles helpful, but you will feel motivated by some successful stories too.

2. I love to be selling

Next, I love to be Selling by Kathy Terrill. She is a skilled actress in New York who has worked in brick-and-mortar stores for over 25 years, including six years as the on-product demonstrator for QVC, the TV program. Since 2002, she has started selling on eBay.

Her journey says a lot, from selling items from a small apartment in Manhattan to a top-rated seller. Kathy is extremely popular as a speaker and online sales coach.

3. Scavenger Life

Next on our list is Scavenger life which was earlier known as eBay Scavengers. Ryanne and Jay are two eBay merchants from rural Virginia who decided to become expert scavengers in 2008. They sold their 401Ks and bought a property in remote Virginia after leaving their tiring jobs in California in 2008.

From being normal individuals who were tired of their jobs they decided to start something independently. With over 4,000 products for sale on eBay, these two built a sizable company.

Now they also have an Airbnb rental property that they use to supplement their income. Their blog is a fantastic community of eBay sellers that have in-depth conversations and they also post their weekly sales figures. Clearly this blog needs to be on this list of eBay blogs as it helps new sellers learn and connect with other merchants by sharing knowledgeable and interacting posts.

4. Power Selling Mom

Donna Crawford is the face behind Power Selling Mom, she has been active on eBay since 1997. In her starting days, she worked three jobs to make her ends meet. Her ambition was always to work from home and spend more time with her children. I think that’s when she realized she could earn passive income by selling on eBay.

The merchandise that made her debut shine as an eBay Power Seller was Beanie Babies and Star Wars. Her eBay blog will assist you in expanding your internet presence and will show you how to do it. The content within the blogs offer you with a simple online and digital marketing approach to support your eBay business growth.

5. The Family Packers

Furthermore, we have The Family Pickers. It is the place for like-minded individuals who want to stay updated about selling tips and tactics. You will find wide varieties of help guides, recommended tools, and much more on this platform. Not just eBay, but even people who use to sell their stuff on Etsy, Amazon, etc find this site helpful.

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If you’re one of those who wanna become eBay’s top sellers at some point in your journey, then you should clearly have this eBay seller blog on your reading list (or) at least read their book on side hustle.

6. Andrew Minlato

Andrew is the founder of He is a successful internet entrepreneur, most exemplary book author, business coach, and mentor. Andrew has been hooked on online marketing ideas since he was 18 years old.

Currently he has founded and founded multiple eBay businesses, eCommerce stores, patents, sites, and video courses. His initial marketing platform was eBay, and he used it to its best capacity. He used the money he made on eBay into other sites and launched a blog to further share his expertise with his readers.

The idea behind starting his eBay for business blog was to make people aware of real ecommerce strategies. It’s where Andrew shares his views, insights, concepts, and methods with like-minded individuals who have or are intending to start a business online.

7. Tamebay

Tamebay was created to provide eBay customers the information they needed to navigate an unbreachable marketplace. Tamebay was formed in 2006 by two British individuals, Sue Bailey and Chris Dawson.

Dan Wilson, one of the original members of eBay in the UK, jumped in after Sue’s unexpected death in 2011 and has contributed to getting Tamebay to where it is now.

This eBay seller blog is a primary source of knowledge and information for all those people who do product selling business on multiple online marketplaces. Whether they’re seasoned power sellers trying to increase sales or newbies searching for guidance and best practices, Tamebay is the place to go.

8. EcommerceBytes

In 1999, AuctionBytes was established. To address the changing breadth of its content, the company changed its name to in 2011. David and Ina Steiner, publishers of EcommerceBytes, are regularly referenced by mainstream news outlets. They are a renowned publication and the top media organization for e-commerce and online marketplaces.

Many major media houses such as Smart Money Magazine, Wall Street Journal, and many more named EcommerceBytes as a source for eCommerce news. You will find all kinds of eCommerce related stuff on this platform. It provides e-newsletters, plus on the website, you will find helpful things like service rating charts, community blogs, and much more. Thus making EcommerceBytes a standby eBay blog to follow.

9. Amazon Seller Resources and Tools

Skip McGrath and Karen started their eBay business in 1999 and since 2006 they have been marketing on Amazon. It all started when, Skip’s teenage son approached him in early 1999 and wanted to use his credit card to register an eBay account to purchase and sell comic books and that’s how he came to know about eBay.

He became an overnight success online after learning about e-commerce and it’s trading antiques. His numerous books and articles can provide you with not just tremendous knowledge, as well as the secret to unlocking your achievement for better eBay success.

The Bottom Line

To sum up! This is my full disclosure on the top 9 eBay blogs and bloggers to follow online. I know that eBay seller market can be challenging as there will be a lot of competitors out there. To stay on top, you need to follow the tips and techniques that already helped many top sellers out there.

Not only will it raise your confidence, but it also makes you aware of what sells most on the platform. You can protect yourself from a lot of research, by just following these eBay blogs. So I hope you would find this article helpful and let me know all about your thoughts in the comments section.